Learning from the Beauties! Keke Palmer & Alicia Quarles School Youth


What does Cinderella and an E! news reporter have in common? Secrets to success.

Keke Palmer and E! News’ Alicia Quarles (who got Raven-Symone to admit she’s from every continent in Africa, ‘memba that?) talked to 60 handpicked NYC high school kids at MTV.

The kick it with Keke session was part of an on-going cycle of celeb talks from Get Schooled, a non-profit org motivating students to stay in school by recruiting “influencers” aka our fave celebs to instruct them to keep their heads in the books.

Keke was no different. She told the teens–awarded the event for motivating their younger classmates to stay on the academic fast track–to stay focused on their goals just as much as they do their Instagram pages.

“You’re reality is what’s around you. We get so caught up in Instagram and social media you forget about life around you.”

No one will forget Keke’s breakout solo.

Or, her demonstration on the evolution of twerking. Don’t take notes on that one kiddies.

But, you can quote red-carpet maven Alicia Quarles when she advised networking as the method to get ahead.

“One piece I learned was to network and to keep in contact with the people you meet.”

I hope you guys got business cards. I would…

Kanye’s Got Coins! Yeezy Donates Record Amount to Donda’s House

kanyewinkIn case you thought Kanye spent all his money on those fog machines and sparklers, think again.

The rapper/doctor dropped off a $133,000 check to the Donda’s House foundation–a non-profit he created to honor his late mom Professor Donda West–this week.

It’s a record amount for the Chicago org that empowers kids to pursue a career in the arts. Let the Yesus church say amen!

Kanye West took a portion from his earnings at the Louis Vuitton Foundation concert shows and donated it to Donda’s House. Awww… it’s like he combined two of his favorite things–fashion and his mama–to make a difference.

The Creative Director of Donda’s House, Che “Rhymefest” Smith, had this to say about the contribution to their coffers.

I really cannot thank Kanye enough for this incredible contribution. His leadership has enabled Donda’s House to grow quickly and impact the lives of over 160 of Chicago’s young people already in short history. This is a great honor and a true tribute to his mother’s legacy, who did so much for young artists.

Why do we hate him again? Someone remind me.

If You Blinked Woman Crush|How to Save a Student

Move out the way, Make room for the teacher of the decade, or IfYouBlinked's wcw  Image Courtesy: The Detroit News

Move out the way, Make room for the teacher of the decade, or IfYouBlinked’s wcw
Image Courtesy: The Detroit News

Here’s a story to top all inspirational teacher stories. Sorry,valedictorians your fave teacher comes no where close to our woman crush.

When Detroit gym teacher Nadirah Muhammad found out her 18-year-old dance student A’Ja Booth was in need of a new kidney, she wasted no time offering hers last year.

And whaddayaknow they were a match!?

According to Global Grind, Nadirah’s kidney was removed seven months later at Henry Ford Hospital. Nadirah returned to class seven months later.

Just in time to see A’Ja graduate from West Side Academy next month.

This is what our Woman Crush–mom and wife too–told The Detroit News:

This is what we do as teachers. I did not do it for the accolades. I saw a human being in need and if it were my child, I’d want someone to step forward and help him.”

Here’s hoping there are more Nadirah’s out there.

Beyonce Makes Humanitarian Mission to Haiti


Beyonce took a break from flaunting her street style in the big apple to making a surprise visit to Haiti today.

According to VIBE, Beyonce is aiding the United Nations in a humanitarian mission. Likely a well-deserved one given that the impoverished Caribbean country is still rallying from that massive 7.0 earthquake in 2010.

A United Nations report found that 70% of Haitians don’t have working electricity,
more than half a million don’t have a steady supply of food and 172,000 are still living in temporary displacement camps set up five years ago.

But not to fear, Queen Bey is there. Well… for one day, at least.

Sporting her BEY GOOD tee (Beyonce’s charity org) she gave out food, water and other much-needed resources. Beyonce even lent a hand to sick natives battling a cholera epidemic.

This isnt the first time Beyonce worked with the UN. In 2012, she gave a very soulful presentation at UN headquarters for World Humanitarian Day.

See how she blew the roof off the iconic place with her visual version of “I Was Here” below.



Mark Bustos likes to work on his day off. Although he wouldn’t call it working, but rather connecting with oft-overlooked people. The ones we struggle to make eye contact with or afraid to approach. Mark, a NYC-based hairstylist, walks right up to the homeless and offers a free haircut.

The hair magician got the idea when he took a trip to his motherland–the Philippines–for the first time. He saw how impoverished the people were and wanted to help in some way. Giving young kids a shape-up was one good deed he knew would work.

Back in the States he made it a routine. Sundays (his day off) he roams around the city and delicately provides his services. Karma Tube captured his skillful generosity towards homeless people in South Beach, Florida, check it out below.

Guess this totally trumps me giving my seat to a pregnant lady on the subway…yeah, I think so.

Happy Friday, loves.

IFYouBlinked Woman Crush | Freida Pinto for Nepal Relief


Freida Pinto lands on our #WCW list because she’s the first celeb–and one of color at that–to contribute to Nepal earthquake relief.

The “Slumdog Millionaire” actress has tapped into her Because I’m a Girl ambassador-ship (a non-profit org that empowers impoverished young girls around the globe to better themselves.) by putting her John Hancock on tennis shoes with proceeds going towards survivors of the Nepal earthquake.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (sorry, no pun intended) you’ve had to hear about the massive quake that hit the South Asian country, resulting in over 8,000 deaths. Because Mother Nature is extra cruel these days, another earthquake–measuring at 7.3–hit a few days ago. Killing 120 people and 2,500 were injured.

The earthquake also killed 78 people from India, where Freida hails from, a neighbor of Nepal.

This isn’t the first time Freida has used her star power to raise awareness about social issues. She’s posted several twitter messages about the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign and violence against women in the Middle East.

The Robin Hood Project Comes to Ferguson | Full Audio of Prince’s ‘Baltimore’ Song

Look ma, no hands. The Game and McDonald's workers in Ferguson. Image Courtesy: LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL instagram

Look ma, no hands. The Game and McDonald’s workers in Ferguson.
Image Courtesy: LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL instagram

He’s at it again. But instead of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, The Game is digging into his own pockets to share the wealth.

The Compton rapper has revived his Robin Hood Project; giving away $1 million to random people he’s come in contact with for a year. Recently, the reality star/rapper and his merry men took a  trip to Ferguson, Missouri to pay tribute to Mike Brown. The unarmed college kid that was gunned down by police last year. He met up with Mike Brown’s grandmother and visited the slain teen’s memorial.

Then wrangled up some local kids to take to Mickey D’s. He not only gave out 100 Happy Meals (which came up to $1000, if you’re curious) to kids in the fast food joint and at the drive thru, but he helped in the kitchen.

Kudos to The Game for showing Ferguson some love.

Like Prince did in B’more on Saturday. Guys, he answered the call to sing the song and that he did. Below is the full audio from the “Rally 4 Peace” concert.

“If there ain’t no justice/ There ain’t no peace…” I’m already brainwashed.

Prince was also joined by Doug E. Fresh and Miguel. B’more sounds like the place to be Saturday.

IfYouBlinked’s Woman Crush | Prom Date Wishes and Rapper Dreams

So, who is your prom date, again?  Image Courtesy: theajzone Instagram

So, who is your prom date, again?
Image Courtesy: theajzone Instagram

AJ Johnson–played Jody’s mama in “Baby Boy” and Lindsay Lohan’s REAL life coach–made a lucky teen’s day at St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

The actress/spiritual guru visited her No. 1 fan 17-year-old Donovan, battling sickle cell anemia, to raise his spirits. After finding him holed up in his dark room, AJ lightened his mood by gifting the aspiring rapper with a beatbox. No sooner was he giving her a freestyle show.

Then made a deal: She agreed to be his prom date (That’s their prom pic above) but only if he’ll do the “House Party” kick step when his health improves.

I hope they shook on it. I’d love to see the Kid’n’Play step again.

Oh, and if you’re wondering the prom was held at St. Jude’s. How cute is that?

Hands Up, Dancing Shoes On…Prince Announces Rally 4 Peace Concert

Prince better not leave his afro pick home for this one. Image Courtesy: Royal Farms Arena PR

Prince better not leave his afro pick home for this one.
Image Courtesy: Royal Farms Arena PR

Dust off that purple grey suit because Prince is coming to you, Bmore.

The “Purple Rain” singer announced a Rally 4 Peace concert in Baltimore this Mother’s Day weekend. Tickets are on sale now. But, if you’re reading this…it’s probably too late.

The impromptu concert coincides with Prince’s unreleased song for Baltimore. Still don’t have a release date on that. Maybe Prince will perform the highly-anticipated debut onstage (pretty puh-leeezzzeee).

According to CNN, concert organizers say the performance is a “symbolic message of our shared humanity and love for one another.”

Lucky attendees are urged to wear gray, not the usual purple, to commemorate all those lost to violence. Including Freddie Gray that died from spinal injuries during police custody.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Baltimore youth charities.

Way to keep Baltimore Uprising in the news, Prince.

Ne-Yo Offers a Sweet Deal for Charity

Your local cupcake dealer at your service.  Image Courtesy: neyo Instagram

Your local cupcake dealer at your service.
Image Courtesy: neyo Instagram

So not only is Ne-Yo a gentleman, he’s also got a sweet tooth? My kind of guy…

The Non-Fiction singer has teamed up with Sprinkles (ooohhh cupcakes!!) to create a cupcake benefitting his Compound Foundation.
So, if you’re in need of a sugar rush, order the strawberry cheesecake cupcake and full proceeds go to Ne-Yo’s charity to raise awareness for National Foster Care month.

The fedora-wearing crooner’s Compound Foundation seeks to enhance the life of kids growing up in the foster care system. The foundation’s programs include music therapy, music boot camp, scholarships and grants.

The Sprinkles strawberry cheesecake cupcake is only available this month. Grab a few for the fight tonight.


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