The Black Ball!! Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive Celebrates 11th Anniversary

aliciakeysAlicia was the belle of the ball at her annual gala to raise money for her Keep a Child Alive org that provides HIV treatments and support services to families affected in Africa.

How adorbz is the cute PDA between Alicia and Swizz on the black carpet?


Diddy and Alicia’s hubby Swizz Beatz co-hosted the event held at the Hammerstein Ballroom,in NYC last night.

Diddy and Swizz Beatz (don’t they look like dapper dons?) brought out Kanye West to introduce participants at the Black Ball’s opening.


Madge cuddled with the guest of honor at the fundraiser and took selfies with Mr. West.



The event drew in leggy beauties Joan Smalls, Alek Wek and Selita Ebanks, making it a model affair. And where there are models…


…that’s where music mogul Russell Simmons’ will be. Joined by niece Angela Simmons and Lala Anthony, Russell took video of Diddy and Nas rocking the stage with “You Can Hate Me Now.”




But it looks like the real showstopper was  Alicia’s performance of  “Empire State,” seeing how they were in the Big Apple.

And backed up Nas for his “If I Ruled the World” performance at the ball.

Rounding out the ball bashers are Estelle and “Top Chef’s” Padma Lakshmi.




And living legend Aretha Franklin graced A.K with her presence.


No official word on how much the affair raised, but got a very generous donation of $200K during the night. If I was a betting woman I’d say they took in at least $1 or $2 milly for the cause.

Good work, Ms. Keys. I’m sure the preggo glow worked wonders on those with deep pockets.

Ballin’ 4 Boobs!!! Breast Cancer B-Ball Brings Out R.Kelly, Bobby Valentino and Many More

The victors at the #ballinforboobs event in ATL. Photo Courtesy: Facebook

The victors at the #ballinforboobs event in ATL. Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Big name stars hit the hardwood in ATL this past weekend for breast cancer awareness. The first annual “Ballin’ for Boobs” event held at Morehouse College, and hosted by Love and Hip Hop: ATL’s Karlie Redd and a local radio station raised  money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Hooping it up were R. Kelly, who put in work as a coach and player, Shawty Lo, Bobby Valentino, Q Parker of R&B group 112, R.L. of R&B group Next, Wingo of R&B  group Jagged Edge, Case and 2 Chainz, who also served as a coach.

Do you think after the game they combined melodies? Just sayin…that’s a lot of R&B singers on the B-ball court, take advantage of it.

But I guess they were too winded from the game to take the mic. Singing trios Bliss and Havok Jones performed for the crowd.

The event reportedly brought out hundreds of ATL-ans, including Momma Dee of L&HHATL, and was the vision of Pamela D. Hogan and Janet Jackson of Boss Chix, an event planning company. More photos below.


R.L. and Case pose for the cameras. Photo Courtesy: Instagram

Bobby V attempting to dunk against R.Kelly. Image Courtesy: Instagram

Bobby V attempting to dunk against R.Kelly. Image Courtesy: Instagram


Buildin’ Bruthas!! Larenz Tate and Don Cheadle Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

l to r Glynn Turman, Larenz Tate, Donis Jr. and Don Cheadle at the Habitat for L.A. build a house volunteer project. Image Courtesy: Instagram

l to r Glynn Turman, Larenz Tate, Donis Jr. and Don Cheadle at the Habitat for L.A. build a house volunteer project. Image Courtesy: Instagram

Love Jones’ Larenz Tate and House of Lies Don Cheadle donned (sorry, couldn’t help it) hard hats to help build homes with Habitat for Humanity L.A. A Different World’s Col. Taylor…er Glynn Turman also chipped in to get his hands dirty roofing and painting low-income homes in L.A.

The project was coordinated between SHOWTIME network to give back to the community as well as promote their show House of Lies that Glynn, Don and Larenz star in.

Despite it being a major PR stunt, it’s still nice of them to volunteer their time. Glynn, Don and Larenz were also joined by William H. Macy from SHOWTIME’s Shameless show.

To show his support Larenz posted this adorbs message on his Twitter and Instagram pages *swoon.*

It has been 10 years since his mainstream media days and Larenz is still looking fiiinnneee.

Keep up the good work, buildin’ brothas.

Cinderella Pushes Girls to Be Scientific

Keke Palmer is stepping out of her Cinderella ball gown and into a Sherlock trench to get young girls psyched about science and technology.

The Broadway star teamed up with and 3M, a science-related tech company, to promote a text campaign,hosted by Science Sleuth, that motivates young girls to solve crimes using S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts.

The campaign launched this month and gives young girls the chance to play “True Detective,” while zeroing in on how science plays a major part in obtaining clues to catch the culprit.The “high-schoolers-turned detectives” will get these kind of conundrums to solve:

“In the hallway the thief posted a ransom note (you guess they wore gloves). Do you examine the note using A) forensic science or B) graphoanalytics (whatever that is).”

The girls that follow through with the campaign, the brainchild of, can choose between voting on a worthy classroom in need of a revamp courtesy of 3M or learning about careers in the STEM industry.

Let’s pray it’s the latter ’cause numbers don’t lie: 66 percent of girls and 68 percent of boys in fourth grade say they like math and science. But, by eighth grade girls’ interest has waned. Only when exposed to what engineers actually do, 76 percent of girls consider it as a career.

Seeing how Keke is already a groundbreaker–as the first Black Cinderella on Broadway–she was happy to lend her support via PSA.

“I’m honored to be part of a campaign that helps girls succeed. There are so many opportunities available for young women when they’re given the access to the right tools.”

To learn more about the Science Sleuth text campaign visit or text CLUE to 38383

RHOA Kenya Moore Donates to Alma Mater

Kenya Moore holding up that phat check to DPSF image courtesy of Instagram

Kenya Moore may be many things, but a woman of her word is sho nuff one of them. If you recall seven months ago, during the temper fueled “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion special, the twirl queen and Nene “moneybags” Leakes hesitantly agreed to donate to their favorite charities. And to prove how deep Nene’s pocketbook is she pledged to match Kenya’s donation to her fave charity as a peace offering for acting ratchet at a Kenya Moore-endorsed charity event.

Well, hunni, Kenya has officially signed, sealed annnddd delivered the $20K to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation. The org confirmed the donation last week.

No word on when Nene is dropping her check in the mail…

What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

There was a ginormous dark cloud hanging over my head today. Well, to be honest, its been accumulating this week with one rejection, after another, until my inbox was littered with notifications of “you’re not a good fit.”Deuces

I received one more today and it didn’t produce a cloud as much as a storm. With lots and lots of showers. And thunder. Plus a Beyonce song blasting in the background. Look, I love you guys. I appreciate you as readers and I’m not on here to whine about my bad week. Even though it was epically bad. I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled celebs-with-a-cause posts to help a girl in need.Me.

I’m writing to get advice. Is there ever a point where you just throw up your hands and ask, “what’s the point?” Of chasing a dream that shows no sign of being caught. To give everything you have, and find a way for the things you don’t, and it not be valued and reciprocated.

So my point is this, why continue? Why try to break into an industry that values coders and engineers (no shade) more than writers. Scribes with unique perspectives on the world, especially during these turbulant times, that don’t require a complex formula to make some sense of the world to the masses.

And let’s say, hypothetically that I did get my dream job, how long before it’s eliminated? Just like all the jobs in the industry seem to be.

This week has put me in the uncomfortable position of being a cynic and a pessimist. Two qualities I abhor in others and somehow adopted.

Dreams are hard. I get it. But at what point do you wake up to reality?

3 Reasons We Need More Malala’s in the World

Two years ago, I was scanning CNN’s site when a breaking news story hijacked the homepage. An innocent Pakistani girl was shot in the head by the Taliban.Reading the vicious details of a young girl being struck down for wanting to enter a classroom was mind-boggling to a Western-based girl, whose country has a history of school dropouts.

I chalked the tragedy up to yet another case of Taliban extremism, and expected its latest victim named Malala to die along with her ideals for equality.

Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality. -Malala Yousafzai

Flash forward two years later, just two days shy of her assasination, Malala (very much alive and even more outspoken about girls getting an education) is interrupted in her chemistry class to claim the Nobel Peace Prize. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. Malala Yousafzai is many things, but survivor is at the very top of the list. And not only has she survived she is thriving in her purpose of helping young girls find theirs. If only there were more girls like her. Below I list three reasons why there should be.

1. Change- If you’ve been scrolling through your news feed recently, you know that young kids are pawns used to carry out terrorists sick, sadistic missions. And it is the Malala’s and the 200 kidnapped African girls, some of which escaped,standing up and being an anchor for change.

2. Revolution- It’s debate-able if hash tag activism is effective or not. I’m leaning towards yes…BUT only when it’s backed up by real activism. Social media campaigns merged with protests for equality will illicit change. It’s that instant connection to enlighten the world combined with paving the pavement to see that change come to fruition.

3. Inspiration- There are few role models for young people where education is their mantle-piece priority, especially at Malala’s age. We’re losing our philosophical pioneers (RIP Maya Angelou, RIP Nelson Mandela) left and right. It’s time we start molding a new generation. Malala is a great start.

Congratulations, Malala!!!

Former NFL Player Terrell Owen Sells Memorabilia for Charity


Terrell Owens cleaned out his closets recently for a good cause. The former wide receiver hooked up with Closets for Causes–which match celebs with philanthropic opportunities related to style– to raise money for Good Sports, a non-profit promoting active lifestyles for kids.

The former Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles player donated his gear (signed and unsigned) to go kids that are starved of sports gear for sports teams around the country.

“I’m really blessed to be able to partner with Closets for Causes and give back to the youth in the community. It feels good to know that by giving the public the opportunity to own memorabilia from by football career and other personal items, children are receiving the sports equipment they need to pursue their own dreams and go to the next level.”

The Good Sports org wants to bridge the gap between impoverished youth programs unable to provide sports-related gear and kids that have a regular activity to keep them focused.

It’s good to know TO’s gear won’t go unused. But, I wonder what’s to become of his autographed figurines? hmmm check out all his memorabilia by clicking here.

Adding to his generosity, TO has also donated a one hour bowling session with him in Los Angeles. To bid on this fan experience, click here. Hmmm bowling, I was thinking more along the lines of him throwing the pigskin…oh well.

THINK PINK!!! Meagan Good, Kim Coles on Breast Cancer Awareness Month



I’ve never been a fan of the color, but I salute the cause. It’s officially breast cancer awareness month; unleash your pink…anything. This year holds special meaning for me with my aunt and mom battling it and fiercely (*knock on wood*) defeating it. Unfortunately my Nana wasn’t able to survive the big C over a decade ago. The harrowing reality that cancer cut her 60-year-old life short is disheartening, at times. But, it’s a reality in which millions of families experience each year. According to Susan G. Komen, 40,000 people are estimated to die this year from breast cancer.

And despite the  rumor that breast cancer is strictly a white women’s disease, it’s only partially true. Yes, we are less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, buuutttt, this is a big but, so pay attention, Black women are more likely to DIE from breast cancer compared to white women. Sorry I’m being so morbid in this post, but I think it’s necessary to shatter any myths circulating around breast cancer. It gives us the chance to actually talk about it and band together to cure it. With that said, I highlight (using my Pink Sharpie) three celebs that are cleverly raising awareness for breast cancer.

Meagan’s Goodies Commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness


Meagan Good took to Instagram to accept the Harley Davidson Pink Challenge by wearing the firm’s signature tee. The famous hog dealers have a clothing collection–Pink Label– to honor breast cancer survivors. Any pink label gear you purchase a portion will be donated to the National Cancer Foundation and Young Survival Coalition. The Think Like a Man star urged others to accept the pink challenge: “Le’t express our support for the one in eight women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year…let’s take the Pink Challenge and spread awareness!!!”

Kym Coles WooWooWoo’s Survivors of Breast Cancer

woowoowooSpeaking of tees, comedienne Kim Coles has reignited her famous catchphrase–appearing on sisterhood sitcom “Living Single”–to plaster on some tanks. The WooWooWoo (written in pink letters) tanks  are being sold online to raise money for breast cancer awareness cause. Kim is relaunching the tank in honor of her friend and her sister, who is a survivor. Purchase one while supplies last…it’s only for a limited time.

Team Cancer Free


One half of the original 106 & Park show host, Free, an advocate for breast cancer awareness, made her annual ‘Making Strides Against Breast Cancer’ 5K walk in Boston last weekend. The walk is to raise awareness and money  for a cure for breast cancer. Free’s team dubbed ‘Team Cancer Free’ has raised over $4,000 so far. Their goal is to reach $5,000 that’ll go towards American Cancer Society’s research in treating breast cancer. There is still time to donate to the cause. If you wish to give click here.


Let’s think pink, y’all.


PRETTY (FIT) GIRLS ROCK: Keri Hilson Motivates Girls to Stay Active


Ms. Keri, baby, Hilson made a stop at a YMCA in Atlanta earlier this week to chat with teen girls about the importance of staying fit. The “Pretty Girls Rock” singer encouraged them to join a sports team because being dirty and sweaty isn’t just for boys.

All the more reason  the R&B diva was the keynote speaker at the Pretty Girls Sweat movement; the brainchild of Teen Diaries Foundation that aims to guide young girls nationwide to maintain healthy lifestyles. After riling up the group of 200 girls, Keri and teen pop group the OMG Girlz, put the young’uns to work sweating out their relaxers  by playing basketball, double dutch and kicking those heels up with jumping jacks.

Not only did the teens walk away with exercise endorphins, but also some fitness swag. All well deserved.

The event marks the 3rd anniversary of the Pretty Girls Sweat program developed to combat the country’s childhood obesity epidemic.  To join the movement or donate click HERE.

FLOTUS Michelle is somewhere in the White House doing this:




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