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Its been a rough one, fam. We lost our strongest Ruff Ryder, DMX. He was 50. Damn.

Just like you, I thought rapper DMX would pull through like he had before. But living like a vegetable is no way to live, so I understand God wanted him to be free. Really free.

Everyone knows DMX was a beast on the mic. I will be 90-years-old and still boppin to “What These B***h Want”, “Slippin”, “Money, Power & Respect” and so many more of Dark Man X’s jams because he was a lyrical genius. Periodt.

Unfortunately, his exploits with drugs were just as legendary as his bars.

Yet, his real fans hoped and prayed he’d shake off the demons that stuck to him like velcro.

Because there was so much more to him than what he showed.

What y’all don’t know about the Mount Vernon native is—despite his inner light being dimmed since he was a child he still found enough illumination to help others be happy.

In 2016, DMX paid it forward by performing at a fundraising concert between Yonkers police and firefighters.

DMX performed for a crowd of 2,000 and helped raise $80,000.

Later, DMX told TMZ he did it because police saved his life when he collapsed outside a Yonkers hotel. The police performed CPR and brought him back to life.

“There are a few officers in here tonight that on February 8th … saved my life,” DMX said in a video obtained by TMZ. “To go from at one point running from the police … to having those same police save my life — true heroes.”

DMX was the real legend.

Let’s pray for his family and friends to be consoled and comforted by God’s grace.

Let’s pray that X finds the peace he was searching for as an ancestor that he couldn’t find on Earth.

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