Justice for Peter Bernardo Spencer

Peter Bernardo Spencer https://www.gofundme.com/f/75z7gh-justice-for-peter?fbclid=IwAR3PqR93TH_NU6bmGKowSeAy3U54dD0cu7a5rxvSFssmnWLCpsFylDCInOQ Credit: GoFundMe

Peter Bernardo Spencer didn’t launch a charity to feed hungry kids. He didn’t start a school in his native Jamaica.

Peter Bernardo Spencer didn’t fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant because 9 bullets shattered not only the promises that could be, but hope that things were changing. For us.

But the reality is for every Ahmaud Arbery there is a Kyle Rittenhouse. Justice may be blind, but it’s also very inconsistent when it comes to us.

Just when I thought we were finally seen as human beings where justice wasn’t a suggestion but necessity, this story lands on my Instagram timeline.

Peter Bernardo Spencer went on a cabin trip with a coworker in rural Pennsylvania in December. According to Yahoo News hours after being dropped off by his pregnant fiance Peter was found on the front lawn of the cabin with 9 gunshots in his back by police on Dec 12.

Over a month later, the police investigation has yet to result in the arrest of a 25-year-old white man that admitted to killing Peter in self defense. Or the three other white men that were at the cabin during the shooting.

Self defense! The old tried and true feared-for-my-life excuse is getting really fucking old. Especially when Peter had his back turned and was shot 9 times in it.

Oh, did I also mention the Pennsylvania State Police found drugs, multiple guns and ballistic evidence at the cabin.

Yet not ONE person is behind bars for killing a 29-year-old father to be?

The only punishment given was a four hour interrogation and social media pages wiped.

And a weak coverup by Pennsylvania State Police that a thorough investigation is delaying justice.

That’s the standard for modern day lynching in 2022.

To help the Spencer family get justice for Peter click here.

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