IYB Woman Crush Wednesday | Ciara’s Feeding America


Fresh off her bae-cation R&B chanteuse Ciara brings her good vibes to dinner tables around the country.

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The “I Bet” singer partnered with lifestyle brand Unilever to combat an overlooked but worthy cause–child hunger. A huge problem affecting 15 million kids every single day. To help change the tide, Ciara took to Instagram using the hashtag #ShareAMeal with a photo of an empty plate. And encouraged her 8.6 million followers to do the same. Because with each new upload or retweet Unilever will donate a free meal to Feeding America.


And with the help of the C Squad–including Lala Anthony and Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry–Unilever met their goal of a million meals for Feeding America. All in one week. I don’t think Mother Theresa could’ve even pulled that one off.

For other ways to help Unilever’s worthy child hunger campaign click here


She’s Baaacccckkkk!! Viola Davis Continues Fight Against Hunger


V.D. is back! And I don’t just mean on ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder,” although I’m dying to know the second season premiere date. I’m referring to her continuing to be the ambassador on the ‘Hunger Is’ campaign.

Viola joined the campaign, to stomp out childhood hunger in America, during its roll out last year. Drawing on her personal experiences as a starving child, Davis wanted to put her well-deserved star power to good use, again.

The program raised over $4.6 million last year that went towards children’s access to healthy meals and creating long term solutions for childhood hunger.

Viola Davis said this about her continued support of the campaign:

After an incredibly successful inaugural year with Hunger Is, I am grateful to keep the momentum in finding a solution to a problem that is too often forgotten. We have the opportunity to change so many young lives for the better and I look forward to the day when this is no longer an issue in our country.

There is still time to donate to this worthy and necessary cause online at the Safeway Foundation and in Safeway stores.

‘HTGAWT’s’ Viola Davis Helps Raise Millions to Prevent Childhood Hunger

Viola Davis may be a kick ass attorney on on TV, (check your local listings for “How to Get Away with Murder”; it’s a real nail biter) but in real life she’s the face of Safeway Foundation’s Hunger Is campaign helping prevent childhood hunger.

Last spring we followed Viola’s stilettoed footsteps around the country sharing her personal struggles with starvation as a child. The throwback video above is when she appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about joining the Foundation’s efforts to prevent hunger in America. Viola’s personal tales of woe combined with Safeway’s in-store fundraisers dotting over 1,000 shops raised more than $4.5 million for the Hunger Is campaign.

“I am honored to help bring attention to Hunger Is and increase public awareness of the problem of childhood hunger right here in America, and I am thrilled to see how swiftly we are responding to the issue at the most local levels with the award of $1.3 million in grants,” writes the Oscar-nominated thespian in a statement.

“Millions of children go hungry everyday in the United States. I was one of those children and I pledge to tell and re-tell my story until we have eradicated childhood hunger across the nation,” Viola adds.

The Safeway Foundation also awarded $1.3 million in grants to 198 local charities focusing on hunger prevention.

Jazz Singer Esperanza Spalding Will Perform at 3rd Annual Concert to Feed the Hungry

Esperanza beating that bass for the crowd. Image Courtesy: blog.afropop.org

Esperanza beating that bass for the crowd.
Image Courtesy: blog.afropop.org

Grammy-winning singer and bassist (not to mention bad ass ‘fro wearer, take that Dante de Blasio) Esperanza Spalding is taking her jazz prowess to the stage tonight for third annual Concert to Feed the Hungry in NYC.

Image Courtesy: Concert to feed the hungry Facebook page

Image Courtesy: Concert to feed the hungry Facebook page

Esperanza will be sharing the stage with world-renowned pianist Kenny Werner.

All proceeds will go towards the Buddhist Relief Fund that advocates the fight to end hunger. The religious org supports programs that provide hunger relief in impoverished communities around the globe.

To get tix click here 

Viola Davis Joins The Safeway Foundation’s Mission to Erase Childhood Hunger

Image Courtesy: Hunger Is website

Image Courtesy: Hunger Is website

Did you know that 1 out of 5 kids live in homes without food? And 21 million kids depend on school lunches for daily nourishment? Pretty grim statistics coming from a wealthy country like America. It’s one thing to see it happening,  (3 out of 5 elementary teachers notice hungry students.) quite another to live it. Like Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis, who reveals what going hungry forced her to do.

Now The Help actress is using her celebrity to change the script on childhood hunger. Viola is the ambassador of The Safeway Foundation’s Hunger Is charitable effort. The goal is to raise awareness for hunger prevention and donations to programs efforts to end childhood hunger (ex. No Kid Hungry, Feeding America and Food Research and Action Center). Safeway shoppers in the Bay area can donate at their local store or by clicking here. And if time is all you can afford, click here to volunteer at Hunger Is event in your area.

Let’s all do something to fix this problem, there is no reason babies should be going hungry. Like Tupac spits, “It’s funny they got money for wars/but can’t feed the poor..”

Happy Good Friday, y’all.