WCW | Miss USA Deshauna Barber Takes Part in Girls’ Mentoring Camp


Straighten your crown, girls. I know it’s bound to be crooked with the lack of recognition and value given to you.

Luckily, there is someone to teach you how–Miss USA Deshauna Barber.

The country’s royal highness/ lieutenant in U.S. Army Reserves paid a visit to Steve Harvey’s mentoring camp for girls last weekend in Atlanta.

Deshauna held a panel discussion with Marjorie Harvey (Steve Harvey’s wife) and Brandi Harvey (and daughter.) Followed by a Q &A with some of the 100 teenagers at the camp.

She may have even whipped the youg’uns in shape, during their 5 am wake up workouts. Hoo-rah, indeed.



The Girls Who Rule The World camp was also filled with makeovers, ziplining and rock climbing. All the activities fearless females do.

Check below for Deshauna’s take on what how to be a girl that rules the world.


The GWRW camp was launched–through the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation– “to fostering excellence in youth. Cultivating the next generation of responsible leaders.”

Let’s keep those crowns straight, girls


FEEL GOOD FRIDAY | Teacher of the Year

Professor Colon gives the perfect formula for mentoring.

Professor Colon gives the perfect formula for mentoring.

On this Good Friday I want to put the spotlight on mentors. They’re very hard to find and too valuable to lose. You have a better chance of finding that all elusive needle in the haystack than getting someone to take you under their wing. Believe me, I’ve tried.

It doesn’t mean its impossible. Actually, it’s magical when it does happen–I can vouch for that too–and helps evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

For better or worse everyone’s first mentor is a teacher. And if you’re lucky enough to find a good one that is more interested in molding minds, rather than padding their pockets, make sure to hold tight.

Like University of Buffalo students are for professor Luis Colon. The chemistry teacher was awarded an excellence in science mentoring award from President Obama.

Former students of Colon say it’s well deserved for pushing minorities to break into the mostly white field of science and engineering. For 20 years he’s recruited undergrads in his native Puerto Rico to enroll in his research program at UB.

According to UB reporter, Colon has mentored 27 PhD’s, 14 masters students and 35 undergrads. Most of whom have gone on to pursue careers in major pharma companies like Eli Lilly and Company, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Bristol-Meyers Squip.

“He was a great role model for me. He set an example by working hard,and I know that he has worked hard to open the door for young people, especially underrepresented minorities, to go into his lab and get their hands on some fun experiments and learn what it is to be a scientist.”

Even if it meant setting him back some coins. The UB Reporter reports Colon shelling out his own money to cover students travel expenses to research conferences. But, the payback couldn’t be sweeter.

“My students are successful.” Colon told the site.”That to me is very rewarding–that they are successful.”

CSI Actor Hill Harper Starts Summer Youth Academy

Actor/author/best bud to POTUS  Hill Harper has got your kids covered for the summer. That is if you live in LA. He’s developed a mentoring and leadership academy for recently graduated middle schoolers whose families are struggling financially. Piggybacking off his his best-seller books teaching young men and women to tap into their best selves financially and mentally this is the CSI: NY’s next challenge to youth.

The Summer Youth Empowerment Academy is through Hill’s Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, a non-prof that aims to give teens the academic, social and leadership skills needed to map out a better future for themselves.

The program is free to all kids worthy of the opportunity and is only for a week; July 21-25

All those interested in applying, click here. And for those feeling extra generous, you can support the summer program by purchasing a BluBond Tee to raise money for the Academy’s resources.

Who says summer can’t be fun and productive? Yes, it is possible.

FASHION FRIDAY: Savannah James, Wife of LeBron James, Hosts Second Annual Prom Promise Event I Actor Jason Weaver Promotes Tees Benefiting South Sudan Survivors

Savannah James caters to  50 girls dress needs with Prom Promise Event in Akron, OH.  Image Courtesy: Facebook

Savannah James caters to 50 girls dress needs with Prom Promise Event in Akron, OH.
Image Courtesy: Facebook

The penultimate glam milestone in a girl’s life is finding the dress memorable enough to recall prom at a future granddaughters’ request. And not only did Mrs.  LeBron James aka Savannah James hook up 50 lucky Akron, Ohio girls with pretty frocks, she  loaned them her stylist for the second annual Prom Promise event (associated with LeBron James Family Foundation.)  Stylist Alicia had a one-on-one consultation with each girl and gave a lecture on personal style and confidence.

Alicia giving ladies style tips. Image Courtesy: Facebook

Alicia giving ladies style tips.
Image Courtesy: Facebook

Cleveland.com reported Savannah established the Prom Promise event to boost young girls self-esteem and give  prom preparation to those in need. She released this statement:

I know how challenging life can be for young girls trying to find their way in high school, so this is a way for me to really connect with them during a special time in their lives and encourage them to embrace their beauty, knowledge and strength. LeBron and I are blessed to be in a position to give back to our hometown, and I feel a responsibility to help others comes with that. I believe strongly in empowering others, and, through this event, I hope to boost these girls’ self-esteem and give them confidence that they can be anything they want to be if they work hard and believe.

savannahdresses   Not only will the lucky ladies go home with a new dress, but Savannah also threw in Beats By Dre Headphones and an I Promise souvenir wristbands modeled after what NBA superstar LeBron James wears. Savannah takes Prom Promise event to Miami in April. To donate gently used or brand new dresses to the event send them to LRMR Management Offices 3800 Embassy Parkway, Suite 360, Akron, Ohio, 44333.

FASHION FRIDAY: Actor Jason Weaver dished on his designer friend’s new line of T-shirts that are raising awareness for the civil war in Sudan. Any tee’s purchased from this website, 10% of money will go towards “Joining Hands for South Sudan,” an org that doles out basic necessities  to women and children affected by the war.

teeshirt Here’s what Jason wrote on his Instagram about the T-shirt designer:

I wanted to take some time out to inform y’all of something that I think is pretty important and a worthy cause. Check it out.. My good friend and brother @de3ng has started a campaign to raise awareness about the civil war occurring in his homeland of Sudan. Deng is an amazing brother who has triumphed over many obstacles in his life prior to him coming to the United States and he is now a respected figure in the ATL fashion community.

HOTTIES WITH HEART: Boris Kodjoe Visits St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital & ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Gaius Charles’ Fundraiser for Uganda Youth Project

I guess it’s not enough that God blessed actor Boris Kodjoe with a gorg face and body, but he also gave him an extra dose of compassion and empathy. How do I know?

Well, if you’ve been tracking his Twitter lately you would see that beyond the tomfoolery and man candy bod he throws at us on “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” he’s got time to put smiles on the faces of ill children living at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Below is a pic of the hunk and his new friend Kamani he visited this week.

Boris brigtening little Kamani's day at St. Jude's. Photo Credit: Boris Kodjoe IG

Boris brigtening little Kamani’s day at St. Jude’s.
Photo Credit: Boris Kodjoe IG

Boris coordinated his visit with a celebrity tennis pairs competition that raises money for his foundation Sophie’s Voice that raises awareness for spina bifida, a birth defect that affects spinal cord development, that his daughter suffers from with his wife/actress Nicole Ari Parker.

Adding to his good works is traveling overseas with the wifey to Ethiopia to raise money for a school that helps 700 poverty-stricken kids get an education. The power couple hosted a fundraiser for The Ethiopian Children’s Fund last month.

Founder of Ethiopia Children's Fund Anna Getaneh, The Kodjoes, and kids at the school. Image Credit: Boris Kodjoe Facebook Page

Founder of Ethiopia Children’s Fund Anna Getaneh, The Kodjoes, and kids at the school.
Image Credit: Boris Kodjoe Facebook Page

Boris loves the kids…

And he’s not the only one. Gaius Charles (ASIDE: the name may not be familiar but this bod may refresh your memory if you’re a “Friday Night Lights” fan END OF ASIDE) is also leading the pack in empowering the children. In fact, he also took a trip overseas, only his plane landed in Uganda where he’s head of the Uganda Youth Empowerment Project. The UYE project aims to provide kids with sport programs, HIV/AIDS awareness programs and self-empowerment conferences.

Gaius Charles chattin with kids at a secondary school in Uganda in 2011. Image Credit: Indiegogo.com

Gaius Charles chattin with kids at a secondary school in Uganda in 2011.
Image Credit: Indiegogo.com

Gaius has been rallying for 7k to keep the project funded. They have 18 more days to reach their goal, and so far raised $2,540. To help UYE reach the finish line and get a personalized thank you shout-out from Gaius, please click here.

How AIDS Survivor and Activist Hydeia Broadbent Spent National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Hydeia first came on the scene in the mid-to-late 90s rocking a hoop nose ring, braids and a confident attitude about an issue that was very taboo. Well, fast forward to now and homegirl may have switched the braids for a relaxer and lost the nose ring, but her passion for fighting for HIV/AIDS survivors is as bright as the Olympic torch. So, how did this trailblazer spend National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day?

Photo Credit: Hydeia Broadbent IG

Photo Credit: Hydeia Broadbent IG

Well, for starters she spent the earlier part of the day with 200 students at Winston-Salem State University giving a honest conversation about HIV/AIDS.

While she was traveling to Jackson, Mississippi to visit Tougaloo College she dropped some numbers in our lap about how HIV/AIDS affects the Black community.  And encouraged followers to tweet about HIV/AIDS Awareness day.

Three hours later she landed in Jackson. And released a personal message about what HIV/AIDS Awareness day means and the stigmas attached to it for Madame Noire.

As for fear, I can say AIDS is not the death sentence it once was. 1.1 million people, including myself, are currently living with the disease in the US and are productive members of society. With advancements in treatment and care people are living longer; I can have children without passing HIV onto my child or partner. – To see the full article click here

Two hours ago she joined a HIV/AIDS panel at Tougaloo College alongside Rev. Al Sharpton.


IF YOU BL==KED: Girl Code‘s Tanisha Long is breaking down the myths and facts on HIV/AIDS for MTV on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness day Click here to read it

Comedian Mike Epps Honored for Anti-Bully Campaign in New York

Mike Epps with Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster handing over the key to the city and a Proclamation. Image Credit: Mike Epps Twitter Page

Mike Epps with Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster handing over the key to the city and a Proclamation.
Image Credit: Mike Epps Twitter Page

So, who knew funnyman Epps had a serious side? Like most of you, whenever I look at him I can’t help but drudge up this memory…and it still brings tears to my eyes. Hehehehe.

Hope that was a nice walk down memory lane, but this time the actor/comedian is tapping into his serious side by talking to kids about his anti-bullying campaign. He visited Niagara Falls, New York last week to not only collect some accolades–he received the key to Cataract City, but also share his experiences being bullied as a child.

Mike Epps spoke to kids at the Niagara Falls Housing Authority about how to cope with a bully. One method he suggested was complimenting them (not what would be on most people’s lists, but, okay) because they are usually “insecure and scared themselves.”

And if that doesn’t work?

Welp, he doesn’t instruct putting hands on others, but does share that salt can be a good defense mechanism.

Epps honesty had an impact on the crowd considering the feedback he received on Twitter: