Family of Avonte Oquendo Attend 1st Annual HollyRod Foundation Honors

Holly Rob Peete, Vanessa Oquendo and family, L.A. and Erica Reid. Image Credit: Holly Rob Pete IG

Holly Rob Peete, Vanessa Oquendo and family, L.A. and Erica Reid.
Image Credit: Holly Rob Pete IG

Actress and autism activist Holly Robinson Peete has supported the Oquendo family once young Avonte went missing in October. And despite the unhappy ending we were all hoping wouldn’t come to be, the family returned the favor by attending the Super Kids Honors presented by HollyRod Foundation and Autism Speaks.

Image Credit: Erica Reid IG

Image Credit: Erica Reid IG

The Super Kid Honors was held at Joe’s Crab Shack in Harlem to honor Anthony Starego, an autistic football player from Brick, NJ. Not only did he win the Super Kid Award, but was also surprised with a trip to Super Bowl 48. Lucky, kid. Well, unless he was rooting for Denver Broncos hehehehe (oh, too soon?)

Image Credit: Holly Rod Peete IG

Image Credit: Holly Rod Peete IG

Super producer L.A. Reid and family also made an appearance to support Holly.

Photo Credit: Peete IG

Photo Credit: Peete IG

Kevin Liles showed his support for the first annual HollyRod Honors that will celebrate an autistic kid that has an impact on athletics.

Image Credit: Peete IG

Image Credit: Peete IG

And famed sax player Mike Phillips made the event sexy.

Join Nick Cannon to Stomp Out Bullying & Al Sharpton Opens Wallet to Avonte Oquendo Family

So, I haven’t been out of school that long ago to know the paralyzing effect bullying can have on others. Yes, I was bullied. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Actually, I know why I was targeted; the quiet, shy brainiac always sticks out like a sore thumb. And that’d be me. But, a little hair pulling, hurling insults my way like a pebble off a Dennis the Menace slingshot is nothing compared to what kids these days have to endure. I feel for them and fear for my niece, nephew and unborn child that incessant taunting can somehow lead to this.

But, if you’re anything like Nick Cannon, rapper, producer, comedian, etc., etc., you will help  Stomp Out Bullying. Nick is working with the non-profit org that educates about the effects of bullying by auctioning himself off. How generous!!! Winners of the auction get the chance to spend the afternoon with Nick working at his Teen Nick offices in New York City.  So far the star’s opening bid is $500, not to shabby Mr. Mariah Carey.  Bidding ends next week Thursday.

Let the auction commence.

Also, click on the video above to find out if Nick Cannon was bullied. Taye Diggs, Grey’s Anatomy Chandra Wilson and Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi talk about why they want to Stomp Out Bullying.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

And the search goes on, and on. Its been 19 days since Avonte Oquendo has been missing. There has yet to be a trace of his whereabouts. NYC police commissioner Ray Kelly has announced scaling back police and volunteer resources on the search. Meanwhile, Oquendo’s family and Al Sharpton have stepped up the search.

The renowned black activist has pledged his own $5,000 reward to anyone who knows the whereabouts of the missing autistic teenager.

Please continue to keep your eyes peeled. #FindAvonte



Actress Holly Robinson Peete Joins Search for Missing Autistic Teen in New York




Two weeks ago I thought this would be resolved.  Unfortunately the mysterious disappearance of 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo remains unsolved, despite NYPD officers’ and countless volunteers leaving no stone unturned to reunite him with his family.

I know what you might be thinking…there are countless brown faced men, women, boys and girls that go missing everyday that are never the focus on the news, hence this popular show. However, as troubling as that reality is for us. Avonte’s case is even more startling because he has no voice. He’s a 14-year-old autistic teenager–whose love of trains led him to these safe albeit noisy havens–that ran out of the front door of his school in Long Island City Oct. 4th without a trace of his destination.

So, if you haven’t seen the flier above (please take a good long look) plastered on subway walls or heard a police cruiser with this announcement:

Hi Avonte, it’s mom. Come to the flashing lights Avonte.

Please listen and pay attention.

We know our girl Holly Robinson Peete did. Earlier this week, Holly made a visit to the family’s #FindAvonte headquarters in Long Island City, New York.

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

Holly comforted and prayed with the family of the autistic boy during her visit. And blasted Avonte’s school for letting the young boy walk out the door without stopping him.

I cannot fathom the horror of leaving your nonverbal child with #autismin the hands of a school that’s supposed to look out for him and he is allowed to just walk outside on his own. A security guard watched as he skipped away… #worstnightmare #autism We need everyone in schools to be aware and educated.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly released a statement saying the security guard followed normal procedures. Because cameras show her telling Avonte to go back to class when she saw him attempting to leave.

This tells a different story.

Considering Holly is the parent of an autistic child and has an organization dedicated to educating families about autism is understandably why she caught major feelings over #findAvonte mission.

Please keep your eyes peeled…we must #findAvonte