Cardi B ‘Came Through Gifting’ Winter Coats to New Yorkers

Look out ya’ll, Cardi B is making ‘gifting’ moves, just don’t step on her bloody shoes. Sorry, it definitely sounded better in my head.

Anyway, the “I Like It” rapper handed out free winter coats and sneakers to hundreds at Brooklyn’s Marlboro housing project Thursday.

The coat giveaway was arranged by a local designer and friends, reports NBC New York.

Cardi B’s generosity couldn’t have come at a better time because it’s getting kinda brick in New York now.

Fans of the Bronx-bred Bardi know that all to well when they waited four hours for her to appear. Yet, Cardi B.. etter Late Than Never apologized and blamed her tardiness on a photo shoot.

When asked why this event was important to her,

“You gotta support the people that support you,” Cardi B told CBS News.

Sadly, the turnout was so lit not everyone walked away with a coat.

No doubt Cardi will use her money moves to hook her City up again. Her Instagram is a telltale sign.

“I can’t wait to [do] this in my borough next BX,” she captioned on Instagram of a selfie of her fans.

Tracy Morgan Upgrades Hometown Playground

Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.

Tracey Morgan (being the faithful Brooklyn-nite he is) did just that last week by returning to the ‘hood to officially open the gates of shiny and new Marcy Park.

TBS and The Last OG comedian donated $215,000 to renovate the Bed-Stuy playground.

“Thanks to Tracy and TBS for making it possible for NYC Parks to refurbish Marcy Playground, a beloved Bedford-Stuyvesant park that was in need of some TLC,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said in a statement.

Including new basketball backboards with the TBS logo, of course. Fresh asphalt and a mural from artist Askew One.

It’s the first upgrade Marcy Park has gotten in a decade, according to NYC Parks department.

Yet it’s the back in the day times Tracy remembers most.

“I played on this court as a kid. I actually cut my finger on a glass bottle here and the blood I spilled on the court was for these kids. This is for Brooklyn. It makes me so happy.” Tracy said at the event.

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY | From Brooklyn to Harvard

"Harvard is smaller than I thought it would be."  Image Courtesy: Instagram

“Harvard is smaller than I thought it would be.”
Image Courtesy: Instagram

The journey from Brownsville, Brooklyn to Harvard University for 200 Mott Hall Academy students was made complete yesterday.

The tweens stroll down the hallowed halls of Haahhhvaaaddd wouldn’t be possible without everyday people opening their wallets to donate, and in the process broadening a kid’s horizons.

It’s those same people Brandon Stanton chronicles in popular blog “Humans of New York.” He took a liking to 13-year-old Vidal Chastanet when asked who inspired him. Vidal responded with his principal, Nadia Lopez.

“When we get in trouble, she doesn’t suspend us,” Chastenet shares. “She calls us to her office and explains to us to how society was built down around us.”

The post went viral instantly. Leading Stanton and Lopez to start an online fundraiser for an Ivy league field trip. The goal was $100,000. They received $1.2 million in donations.

Whatever isn’t spent on the trip will go towards college scholarships and future campus road trips.

On yesterday’s agenda was a series of activities geared towards each of the scholars’ preference, a full tour of the Cambridge, Mass campus, and talks by Harvard’s president, dean of students and admissions officials. They all encouraged the kids to dream big.

Why not? It got them this far.

Lauryn Hill Headliner for Human Rights Concert


Singer/rapper L-boogie will be performing at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on February 5th to benefit Amnesty International, an organization monitoring human rights abuses globally.

This concert is keeping with her “homecoming to the stage” performances she booked in November,after being released from federal prison this fall. The naptural singer spent three months in a Connecticut prison for not paying her federal income taxes.

The Human Rights concert aims to use music to light a fire under young potential Nikki Giovanni’s or Amiri Baraka’s (R.I.P) to help defend against human rights abuses.

It’s not surprising Lauryn would get involved considering her charitable history; she created the Refugee Project, a foundation that catered to poverty-stricken kids through an away camp in upstate New York that was shuttered around 2000, when she was in the Fugees, (“fu-gee…la, la…its the way that we rock…when we’re doing our thang…remember that? *sigh* takes me back) in hopes of changing the attitudes of kiddos plagued by violence, drugs and mis-education.

For 25 years (1986-1998) Amnesty held their annual human rights concerts, now their bringing it back. Pre-sale tickets are on sale now. Click here to see who is sharing the stage with Ms. Hill.