Chris Brown Buys a Car for Domestic Violence Victim. Is He Redeemed, Yet?


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I felt some type of way about this story. Don’t get me wrong I salute anyone spreading holiday cheer to those who need it most. These days we need all the good vibes we can get. However, I still had to hit the pause button when I read Chris Brown surprised a domestic violence victim with a new whip.

The “Back to Sleep” singer popped up at the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood on Saturday to play Santa to Jessica Roncalli and her three kids. Since a Honda can’t fit under a Christmas tree he tossed her the keys then and there. Along with some gifts for the kids. Then recapped his good deed on Instagram. Writing…

I’ve been very fortunate and blessed with so much in my life and I always thought that it was supposed to be that way. I was selfish, arrogant, and cold hearted. I’m able to bless and inspire so many others and I realize that now. This woman has delt with domestic abuse through her life and her 3 wonderful children had to experience that. I see myself when I looked into their eyes. The amount of strength this woman has is remarkable. I hope I could make their Christmas a great one. I hope the kids love all the toys and things I got for them. And for moms. I hope I could put a smile on this family’s face.

Rafael_the_grand had this take in the comment section, “That is so nice that you got her a new car due to her domestic abuse background,you know kinda like when u beat Rhianna. Did you get her an “im sorry honda” aswell????” Well…


Listen, shade aside it’s worth mentioning that a female abuser rewarding a domestic violence victim is kinda weird. On so many levels. It’s like he purposely put a target on his back knowing his checkered past with violence towards women would welcome shots. Yes, I sympathize with Chris Brown being a victim himself given that he watched his own mother be abused by his stepdad. Thus, repeating the cycle of domestic abuse that’s being proven can occur.

Yet, I’m baffled that he would think we have amnesia towards his post-Rihanna despicable acts like stalking ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. And treat his good deed like another one to cross off his list.

Chris Brown Gives Away 2,000 Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Or maybe it’s just another coat of paint on his rehab image project since becoming a Daddy to daughter Royalty. Setting a more positive example for her to look up too. After all he has apologized to exes Rihanna and Karrueche for past mistakes.

The question is are we ready to forgive him?

Thanks…for the Thanksgiving Turkeys

It’s that time of year again. When we bow our heads and give thanks in front of a big ass bird. Otherwise known as Thanksgiving.

Well, in case you haven’t noticed (all those one-percenters look away) turkeys are pret-ty expensive this season. So, it’s all the more significant when celebs take the much-is-given-much-is-expected mantra to heart and pass out turkeys.

Like Snoop Dogg, who passed out over 1,500 turkeys to families in need in his hometown of Inglewood, California last Thursday. Snoop’s tardiness was forgiven when he took selfies with all the attendees, over 800. Including the seniors Inglewood Mayor James Butts shared with People. 


“We had a tented area for seniors to sit in, and the first thing he did was go over to take pictures with everyone there.”

Snoop announced he’ll be at the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway every year going forward. So that every Inglewood res “would have a nice meal for Thanksgiving.”

A sentiment also shared by Chris Brown who handed out 2,000 turkeys to South Jamaica, Queens houses this morning.


Rapper Big Sean and his parents did the same at their annual Turkey giveaway in the motor city today. They also added sides. Ya gotta have the cranberry sauce.


DJ Khaled teamed up with hip hop station 99JAMZ in Miami to host a turkey giveaway.


Fetty Wap also treated his hometown of Paterson, NJ with a Turkey Giveaway. Earlier this week he suprised mall goers with a rainstorm of cash. Click here to watch the Jersey boy share the wealth.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!



Tons of Celebs Spread Christmas Cheer to Needy Families Everywhere

Tis the season for giving…yes, still and our fave reality stars, rappers, actresses and activists made sure it counted this year. Ifyoublinked threw a spotlight on a few this month. And I’m happy to report the generosity cup runneth over.

Check the pics below to see which celebs spread joy this holiday season.

Chris Brown Steps Forward for Anti-Gang Intiative


Getty Images

There was a time when Chris Brown was known more for his Michael Jackson-eque  dance moves than his girlfriend drama, night club brawls and hit-and-run scandal. But, alas, he still hasn’t given a performance worthy enough to distract us from his behind the scenes antics. Yet, there is no denying his love for the children.

He showed it on Saturday when he took a trip to South Central LA to hand out 1,000 sneakers to students at Crenshaw High School. The event, pegged “We U.S.: Walk Everywhere in Unity’s Shoes ” was to teach kids that “whenever and wherever they walk, we are a united community.”  The event was part of his Unity Campaign that is working with the LA mayor’s office to coordinate an anti-gang initiative.

It correlates with Chris’ anti-violence anthem “They Don’t Know” video released last month. It features haunting background vocals from late singer Aaliyah.

Chris is no stranger to philanthropic endeavors with charitable contributions to Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy, The Jenesse Center and his own charity, Symphonic Love.

Now, if only he can translate his time and energy into love of the youth to other areas of his life, Chris will be making major strides.

Chris Brown Paints Mural for Children’s Foundation

chris brown best buddies

It’s not everyday we hear good news about Chris Brown, but this week he flexed his good karma muscles when he teamed up with renowned neo-artist Romero Britto (he designed that colorful Absolut Vodka print ad a few years back.) to paint a mural for the Symphonic Love Foundation’s Best Buddies Day, a nonprofit that raises awareness and employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. All artwork designed by Chris, Romero and the Best Buddies participants will be donated to promote the charity’s message of acceptance of those with disabilities.

chris brown romero

Chris’ charity, Symphonic Love Foundation has teamed up with countless non-profits since its launch last November. The main goal of the foundation is to “create programs and partner with non-profits in two focus areas: Art and Love.” The charity has so far partnered with Elton John AIDS Foundation, The Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Toys for Tots and the Jenesse Center. The R & B star writes on the foundation’s website that the inspiration for Symphonic Love Foundation was his mother’s efforts as a director of a nonprofit children’s center in his hometown of Tappahannock, VA.

Speaking of art…

I found this cool mural not to far from where I live on the wall of a church. So I wanted to share the love and inspiration. Happy Easter, Everyone!! XOXO


mural 2

Kelly Rowland and Monica Promote Domestic Violence Prevention month

Sports Illustrated 2013

Sports Illustrated 2013

If you’re anything like me, your eyes were glued to both the TV screen and newspaper headlines this week for the latest developments in the Oscar Pistorius murder case. It’s still hard to believe that the man shivering and weeping in a small court room in South Africa is the same guy  I was cheering for five months ago at the London Olympics as the first double amputee to compete with able-bodied runners in the 400M race. Despite his last place finish, I admired his courage and stamina for making Olympic history, and living up to the nickname ‘Blade Runner’ with his carbon fiber blades that pierced the track. Fast forward to today where I imagined he would be prepping for his Olympic comeback in 2016, not a court case where he is suspected of premeditated murder charges against his girlfriend.

Nor could I envision the stoic, yet focused CBS 2 anchorman Rob Morrison having a history of domestic violence that dates back to 2003. The New York Daily News reports today that Morrison’s wife made repeated calls to cops to complain about her husband’s drunken abuse that involved choking her until she became unconscious.

And the list goes on and on and on. Yet, the shock and surprise remain the same. Violence against women has always been an issue whispered about with a shake of the head, but never publicly scrutinized or condemned by the media or within the abuser’s community. However, no one could turn a blind eye towards wild child Rihanna’s rekindled romance with former abuser Chris Brown. Rihanna explained her reasoning in Rolling Stone:

I decided it was more important for me to be happy. I wasn’t going to let anybody’s opinion get in the way of that. Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake.

I think everyone gave the pop diva the side eye for that comment. Not just because she chose to go back with her abuser, but, at her naivety to think her actions wouldn”t have ripple affects on the millions of fans that worship her. Which is surprising considering her 2009 interview with Diane Sawyer; Rihanna admitted she couldn’t live with the fact that someone in a similar situation getting killed because they chose to follow her example of reuniting with their abuser.

A mistake that resulted in 1,336 domestic violence deaths in 2010, 82 percent of those deaths were women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Domestic Violence is an ongoing cycle that we hear about nearly, on a daily basis but very few calls for action are being made. The re-authorization of The Violence Against Women Act (landmark legislation that is a buffer against domestic assault) is still locked in limbo waiting for the House’s approval, which was ordinarily supported by both parties in Washington.

House Speaker John Boehner says the House “will act in a timely fashion in some way.”

R & B superstars Monica, Kelly Rowland and rap legend MC Lyte saw the need to get involved and will participate in a PSA that helps young girls coping with abusive relationships. The PSA is part of the Yell Campaign Initiative hosted by Saving Our Daughters. In an MTV interview Kelly said it was important to address this issue head on.

I wanted to use my voice to save young girls. This domestic violence thing has gotten so out of control. As I travel around the world for IHMG (I Heart My Girlfriends, an empowerment group Kelly founded), I meet so many young girls who openly admit to being abused and they are so young…my heart breaks. We have to take a stand against this and let young girls know that this is wrong and try to break some of the silence about domestic violence.

Even Ms. NeNe “I”m Rich, Bitch” Leakes wanted to support the cause by participating in a Celebrity Price is Right Match held this week. Leakes was a victim of domestic violence and is also a supporter of Saving Our Daughters that aims to develop programs that aim to empower women against bullying, date abuse, hate crimes and violence.