Common is Helping Teachers Start School Year Off Right


Rapper Common is making his educator mama proud.

By donating $10Gs to the Renaissance School of the Arts in Harlem today, through the non-profit. The national org gives teachers (who shell $600 outta pocket for pens, paper, trapper keepers, etc) and their students much needed school supplies.

“Growing up, I watched how my Mother cared for her students, both as an educator and outside of the classroom. I realized very early just how important it is to have an adult in your corner, and for many kids that adult is often a teacher,” said Common. “I’m proud to support and their partnership with Burlington to help provide classroom supplies to teachers and students in need.”

The coat factory is also throwing a hat in the cause. Pun intended. Don’t think I don’t see you rolling your eyes. Y’all love my corny jokes.

Anyway back on topic. Burlington is pushing their down-coat loving customers to donate at least a $1 to to ease teachers pocketbook burdens by running the campaign in all 599 stores across the country.

The Save Our School Supplies (SOSS) drive will run through August 19, 2017. All the money raised will be doled out to teachers this fall where nearby Burlington stores exist.

So get to shopping guys, so teachers can shop less.

How Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Made Tidal Concert Teaching Moment



Hey Fam, how many of you were lucky enough to get the golden ticket to the Tidal X: 1015 concert at Barclays last night?

If so, I’m super jelly you got to be in the same room as Common, Alicia Keys, Tip, Lauryn Hill, Emeli Sande, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj as they performed one hit after another for the benefit concert–all proceeds going towards The Robin Hood Foundation that aims to combat impoverished communities, including education.

As you can see I was catching major FOMO. But I had Alec Baldwin on SNL to give me a laugh, and Instagram posts to keep me in the loop on the most lit moments of the Tidal concert.

For me it was the candid non-PC ones. Let’s call ’em teachable moments from our Queens.

Let’s start with our fave demented Barbie: Nicki Minaj. She stormed on the stage with the illest’tude (Was her ex Safaree backstage?) demanding dudes put their egos in check and appreciate what smart women bring to the table.

“If you a champion female in the mutha fuckin’ building, can’t no weak ass mutha fuckin’ clown ass n****s bring you mutha fuckin’ down. Because you n****s so fuckin’ weak.”

Here’s where the Anaconda rapper’s rant  really gains steam.

“You dare be intimidated by a bad mutha fuckin’ queen? Get your feelings mutha fuckin’ feelings hurt. It’s mutha fuckin’ ok because Barack needed a Michelle, bitch and Bill needed a mutha fuckin’ Hillary, bitch.

“You betta pray to God you don’t get stuck with a mutha fuckin Melania. You n****s want brainless bitches?” Nicki added.


Yup, she went in.

On another note–after lighting up the stage with her savagery– Beyonce capped off the concert with an impromptu speech about the importance of voting in this joke of a presidential race.


Bey makes a convincing case. After all our folk did die for this right. We must exercise it.

So, guys were you entertained and elevated?



GALA OF GRATITUDE: Common’s Foundation Honors Danny Glover and Kerry Washington’s Hubby Nnamdi Asomugha Philanthropic Efforts

Common hobnobbing with Jesse Jackson, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Image Courtesy: kimworldaccess

Common hobnobbing with Jesse Jackson, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
Image Courtesy: kimworldaccess

Chi-Town rolled out the red carpet Saturday to give  ’round of applause to screen legend Danny Glover and Mr. Kerry Washington Nnamdi Asomugha at Common’s annual fundraiser/award gala for his Common Ground Foundation. The stars and politicians descended on Millennium Park Hotel where MCs Malik Yoba and…Ed from New York Undercover *sike* Just an early April Fool’s Joke. But, seriously, who else misses this dynamic ’90s crime fighting duo? ABC news anchor Cheryl Burton was guest host alongside Yoba.

Malik Yoba, MC Lyte, Common, Veranda Dickens (honoree) and Nnamdi Asomugha without Kerry Washington. Image Courtesy: kimworldaccess

Malik Yoba, MC Lyte, Common, Veranda Dickens (honoree) and Nnamdi Asomugha without Kerry Washington.
Image Courtesy: kimworldaccess

But Common got to deliver the special honor of introducing Danny Glover to the stage to receive the lifetime trailblazer accolade. For those who don’t know, Danny is more than the sidekick to Mel Gibson in Letal Weapon or the abusive husband of Celie in Color Purple, he’s led numerous union protests to promote workers’ fair treatment rights. And who can forget his public disgust turned formal complaint against NYC yellow cab drivers that vow never to pick up a brown face. As a New Yorker, it didn’t change much, but it definitely sparked a nationwide conversation. Overall, Danny, we hope you never get to old for “this” shit. Next up is a guy you may not see very often or hear to much about outside these phrases: Mr. Kerry Washington, Olivia Pope’s Man, Olivia Got Hitched, Kerry let him out tonight…okay, enough, people. I know what you might be thinking, is Nnamdi Asomugha deserving of the global impact award Common laid before him? My vote is YES!!! The former NFLer has proved himself worthy with The Asomugha Foundation, an org that equips young disadvantaged kids in the US with opportunities in education annnnd aims to empower widows and orphans in Africa by giving them a  chance at an education. Now do you agree? Well, are you on the fence at least?…okay, we’ll keep trying. The real winner of the evening was Common, because all the money raised will go to his Common Ground Foundation that aids in supporting kids in the arts. Hey, he even included some for the festivities: Would it really be a Common event without him spitting on the mic? Nope.

Congrats to all that you do.