IYB Women Crush | Moves Like Zendaya ‘Walking Dead’s’ Danai Gurira Non-Zombie Mission


When Zendaya isn’t slaying it in Taylor Swift music videos, she’s churning out her own hits with a dream team–super producer Timbaland and songwriter Diane Warren. Yesterday the trio, taking a break from working on Zendaya’s sophomore album, visited  Camp Google for Music Week.

The free summer camp is meant to quench inquisitive kids’ thirst (when they start asking why a million times drop ’em off at Google.) with “interactive science activities and adventures.”

So,  what was the scientific brain teaser to call in the “K.C. Undercover” star and Timbo? Why, music and dance of course.

The kiddies wanted to know the process of making music, how to combat writers block (hello and welcome to my world) and the age old question: if you have no rhythm can you still dance?

For answers to all these questions and to see an adorbs dance off, click here.


Danai is just as ride-or-die for her squad as Michonne on “The Walking Dead.” Yet, her recent undertaking doesn’t require a katana. The actor/director is trying to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Zimbabwe through her non-profit–Almasi (meaning brilliant diamond in Swahili) Arts Alliance that helps “create and facilitate artistic collaborations between African artists and American artists and artistic institutions.”

Danai is calling all “Walking Dead” stans to donate a crisp Hamilton (for now…) bill  towards creating more art programs for Almasi, and in return see what zombie life is like. Sorta.

The lucky recipient will be flown to New York to attend season 6 premiere of “The Walking Dead” and get whisked away yet again. This time to Atlanta to see sites where the cast has previously filmed. A weapons training session is included and lunch with Danai.

But, wait there’s more.

A swag bag full of survival gear and a zombie makeover for the ‘gram.

If I peaked your interest click here to donate on crowdRise So far $14,975 has been raised.

Let’s Keep the arts alive (in my Jessie Jackson voice) and these fab ladies for doing their part.

MAKIN’ HISTORY: Al Roker Sets World Record by Honoring USO Troops


America’s favorite weatherman, or at least the “Today Show’s”, Al Roker set a Guinness Book world record of longest televised weather report.

Roker made history by giving weather reports for 34 hours, not counting the five-minute breaks his bladder no doubt needed, on NBCNews.com. He did it to raise awareness for the USO, which he honored last month with his planned “Today”/USO Comedy Tour. Roker envisioned a Bob Hope style show to entertain the troops, and lo and behold Jay Leno, Craig Robinson, lliza Schlesinger and Kevin Eubanks shared his mission and made our biggest heroes laugh.

With the weatherman’s latest show of support the USO is counting the more than $70,000 Roker raised through his Crowdrise page. He asked America–through his marathon coverage of the nation’s polar vortex–to support the org. And that they did by not only opening their wallets, but also keeping Roker’s world record goal a hot topic on twitter: #Rokerthon.

How is that to cap off Veteran’s week?