Learning from the Beauties! Keke Palmer & Alicia Quarles School Youth


What does Cinderella and an E! news reporter have in common? Secrets to success.

Keke Palmer and E! News’ Alicia Quarles (who got Raven-Symone to admit she’s from every continent in Africa, ‘memba that?) talked to 60 handpicked NYC high school kids at MTV.

The kick it with Keke session was part of an on-going cycle of celeb talks from Get Schooled, a non-profit org motivating students to stay in school by recruiting “influencers” aka our fave celebs to instruct them to keep their heads in the books.

Keke was no different. She told the teens–awarded the event for motivating their younger classmates to stay on the academic fast track–to stay focused on their goals just as much as they do their Instagram pages.

“You’re reality is what’s around you. We get so caught up in Instagram and social media you forget about life around you.”

No one will forget Keke’s breakout solo.

Or, her demonstration on the evolution of twerking. Don’t take notes on that one kiddies.

But, you can quote red-carpet maven Alicia Quarles when she advised networking as the method to get ahead.

“One piece I learned was to network and to keep in contact with the people you meet.”

I hope you guys got business cards. I would…

E! News’ Terrence J Donates to Alma Mater | RHOA’s Claudia Jordan Gives Anti-bullying Speech

This frat's stepping was so slammin' Terrence J pulled out 100 Gs. How is that for gratitude?  Image Source: iamterrencej Instagram

This frat’s stepping was so slammin’ Terrence J pulled out 100 Gs. How is that for gratitude?
Image Source: iamterrencej Instagram

E! News must be doing Terrence J good. The sometimes actor/model turned E! News host plopped down $100 Gs to his alma mater–North Carolina A&T State University.

In exchange, the Journalism and Mass Communication dept. declared April 24th will forever be ‘Terrence J Day’ on the Greensboro, North Carolina campus. Cool. Wonder if that includes a master key…

Not sure, but it definitely warranted some encouraging words from the guest of honor for the soon-to-be graduating class: “don’t follow your dreams, chase them.”

On Terrence’s Instagram page, he shared the $100,000 endowment check was payback for the school taking a chance on him when no one else did. In four years, he graduated with a 3.6 GPA, became student body president and Omega Psi Phi fraternity member.

This is step 1 in doing more, not just at my school but for communities around the country where young people feel forgotten and unheard. I don’t have all the answers-FAR from it. But my goal is to inspire others to give back-in any way-just as I’ve been inspired to do the same.

When I was 17 the world felt cold and lonely. But I didn’t need handcuffs- I needed a hand. Thanks to all that have helped me on my path.

Amen. Amen. Amen. Let the church say amen.

In keeping with the empowering youth theme, Real Housewives of Atlanta star and radio personality Claudia Jordan visited North Clayton Middle School yesterday to talk about the dangers of bullying.

Interesting topic given the antics that go on on her reality show, or even the reunion for that matter.

Nonetheless, this is what the newest housewife said at the #BullyingIsNotHot event hosted by her radio station:

“I want to encourage you all to be responsible. You never know how your one comment may push someone over the top. You never know what someone is going through.”

Very true. Let’s hope the message is echoed to the other housewives because actions always speak louder than words. And you know kids watch those actions like an on-duty crossing guard observes cars.

E! News Host Terrence J Brightens Sick Children’s Day

Rollin with the homies...Terrence J and Catt Sadler take advantage of the free radio perks at CHOC yesterday. Image Courtesy: Instagram

Rollin with the homies…Terrence J and Catt Sadler take advantage of the free radio perks at CHOC yesterday.
Image Courtesy: Instagram

Terrence J took a break from being behind the E! news desk to spread some cheer to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County yesterday.

The actor/TV host tagged along with his work buddy Catt Sadler to takeover Seacrest Studios within the hospital. They hung out with some patients, took selfies and had them listen in as the duo took to the airwaves.

Sounds kind of weird that a media room that isn’t made up of a basic TV and radio would be inside a hospital. Well, that’s the point. Media extraordinaire Ryan-when-does-he-sleep-Seacrest used his foundation to launch a radio and TV studio, two years ago, so kids would be motivated to get out of bed.

What better motivation is there then seeing Star-Lord aka Chris Pratt–who visited the hospital in January–roaming the halls. Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Kylie and Kendall Jenner also made surprise visits earlier this year.

And for the kids unable to join in on the fun can watch via closed-circuit TV in their room, and make song requests from their hospital phone.

Not a bad setup for a hospital…but sadly those privileges are only for the West Coast crew. We’ll have to stick to basic cable (fees are collected daily) on the East side.¬†Ain’t nothing like O.C. living…Callllifffffforrrrnniiiaaaa. Who remembers that theme song? Sadly, I do.

E! News Host Terence J Treats 100 Single Mommies to Disneyland

photo credit: Instagram

photo credit: Instagram

“When you wish upon a star…” Hey, scoff all you want but 100 single moms and their kiddos got to live out their dream and Terence J was the fairy god mother…er god father.

To celebrate launching his new book, “The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom,” the sometimes VJ and sometimes actor and now author flew 100 single moms and their kids to Disneyland, and helped lead an empowerment session.

photo credit: Instagram

photo credit: Instagram

And he didn’t leave his mama behind either or his bestie Lauren London (BTW, once upon they use to be roomies…would have loved to be a fly on that wall). Mama J was by his side to sign copies of his new book and join in on his panel discussion for the Disney Dreamers Academy.

Copies of Terence J’s book that recaps his experiences growing up with a single mom hits shelves October 1st.