Eminem Grants Dying Teenage Fan’s Wish


Eminem didn’t pass up the opportunity to put a smile on a fan’s face. Unfortunately, it was his final one.

Nearly 24 hours after Michigan teen Gage Garmo met the “Shady XV” rapper, he died. Garmo, 17, suffered from bone cancer and was given only a week to live.

Garmo’s friends and family started a social media campaign using #GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem.

It got the attention of The Rainbow Connection that helps grant wishes to terminally ill children in Michigan. Fighting against the clock, the org arranged for Eminem to meet a deserving fan.

On Sunday, Eminem made a surprise visit to Gage’s home. They chatted about hip hop and football, according to USA Today.

“We’re so glad we were able to reach Eminem’s people and they were able to respond, and Eminem was able on such short notice to go and see this boy in his own home,” says Mary Grace¬†McCarter, executive director of Rainbow Connection.

USA Today reports Gage had a big smile throughout the whole visit. And sadly, the next day Gage passed.


Hoorah!! Rihanna, J-Hud and Christina Milian Support Veterans

Whether you were cheering them on at the Veterans’ Day parade or shout your gratitude to the closest man/woman in uniform.Thanking REAL heros for their bravery and sacrifice in defending us was very, very necessary for Veterans’ Day.

Actor/Rapper Ice-T was honored for his service in the Army by riding a float at NYC’s Veterans Day parade.


Singer/actress Christina Milian showed her troop support by putting her arms to work by taking the “Pledge Ur Allegiance Challenge” from Hope for the Holidays, which requires you drop and give as many pushups as you can handle. In Christina’s case it’s 20.

Good thing she worked out ’cause how else would she be able to hoist that massive check she donated (a major part of the Challenge) to Hope for the Holidays.


Songbirds Jennifer Hudson and Rihanna sung their appreciation at HBO’s Concert for Valor in D.C. During live performances, RiRi sang her biggest hits, including “Diamonds in the Sky” to a huge armed forces audience. And brought out her duet partner, Eminem to share the stage.

J-Hud opened the concert with her powerful take on the “Star Spangled Banner.”

All money raised from the concert will go towards orgs that benefit veterans.

Thank you to all those who served and still do.