IFYOUBLINKED Woman Crush | ‘Scandal’s’ Kerry Washington Tackles Homophobia in Black Community

Kerry at this year's GLAAD Media Vanguard Awards.  Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Kerry at this year’s GLAAD Media Vanguard Awards.
Photo Courtesy: Getty Image

Just when you think Gaga has the LGBTQ community cornered, Olivia Pope..ahem Kerry Washington threw her white hat into the mix. Accepting the GLAAD Media Vanguard Award earlier this week, she took the opportunity to get some “stuff” off her chest in regards to gays, lesbians, trans… a whole crop of “others” consistently blackballed in media. The Scandal star demands more of them be brought to the forefront to have their stories told. Because without them expressing their journey “in front of and behind the camera” the palette of diversity is incomplete.

To say she had the crowd–including How to Get Away with Murder‘s Viola Davis, Shonda Rhimes, Ellen Degeneres, Portia DeRossi and Glee‘s Alex Newell aka Unique–on their feet is an understatement. K Dub had them eating out of the palm of her hand. And rightfully so. There are so many varying perspectives in the world in regards to sexual orientation, identity and race that are just now, like it’s 2015, people, being explored on the large and small screen.

Choosing Kerry Washington as this week’s Woman Crush was not only based upon her advocacy for LGBTQ rights, but also for her outspokenness when it comes to homophobia in the Black community. It’s a topic akin to airing out a family’s dirty laundry. You just don’t do it. But, Kerry did and I applaud her for doing so.

On Black people not accepting gay marriage:

The first thing that I say is please don’t let anybody get you to vote against your own best interests by feeding you messages of hate.

She continues:

And, you know, people use to say stuff like that about you and your love. And if we let the government legislate love in our lifetime, who do you think is next?

Just to give background, Kerry has being fighting the LGBTQ and Race fight loooonnnng before she became a Shondaland darling. Two years ago she did Q&A with Advocate.com about her personal experiences in the gay community. She talked about growing up in a progressive household with gay and lesbian friends floating in and out. And working among the gay community in theater camps and mentoring workshops.

When asked if she came across closeted actors, this was her response:

Sure. I’ve actually talked with friends about the similarities between being closeted and the idea of passing in the black community. Those in the black community who could pass for white often did so to get more opportunities in life, but it came at such a great cost. When you buy into the cultural idea of what’s acceptable and unacceptable, you reinforce negative stereotypes and prejudices. That wouldn’t work for me.

What does work is her need to speak out on Twitter–against anti-gay laws in Russia and support for marriage equality–to enforce change.

I urge you to watch her full GLAAD Media Award acceptance speech below. It will be worth your while.

VOCAL VOLUME X 2: Jennifer Hudson Performs at Pinoy Relief Benefit Concert

Jennifer Hudson showcasing those vocal pipes. Image Courtesy: directlyrics.com

Jennifer Hudson showcasing those vocal pipes.
Image Courtesy: directlyrics.com

For those wondering if JHud can still belt out those gazillion range notes in “You’re Gonna Love Me,” peep the video below.

Now that your mind has officially been blown. We’ve got another vocal vixen that blew the roof off Madison Square Garden last night–American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez  sang Frozen’s “Let it Go.”

Jessica Sanchez letting those high notes flow singing "Let it Go" Image Courtesy: UNTV

Jessica Sanchez letting those high notes flow singing “Let it Go”
Image Courtesy: UNTV

The songbirds took their talents to MSG for the Pinoy Relief Concert that raises money to rebuild communities in the Philippines destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan last year. As of last month, Pinoy Relief Fund has raised over $700,000  towards recovery, emergency response and reconstruction. Their goal is $5 million. Funds from the benefit concert have yet to be released.

Jennifer told the crowd no matter where you are, if in need a hand should be extended.

Filipino singer Charice of “Glee” and Black Eyed Peas rapper apl.de.ap, also reigning from Philippines, performed at the concert.

Charice going the short hair-don't-care route using her stellar voice to help her country get back on their feet. Image Courtesty: UNTV

Charice going the short hair-don’t-care route using her stellar voice to help her homeland get back on its feet.
Image Courtesty: UNTV

Black Eyed Peas rapper apl.de.ap slaying the crowd. Image Courtesy: UNTV

Black Eyed Peas rapper apl.de.ap slaying the crowd.
Image Courtesy: UNTV

Looks like all the performers put in work last night. Good job!!

To donate to the Pinoy Relief Fund, click here.