The Black Panther Movie is a Must See for Kids and This New Yorker is Footing the Bill

To say that Marvel’s “Black Panther” movie is highly anticipated is like saying Oprah kinda killed it at the Golden Globes.

Y’all know this movie is everything.

So it should come as no surprise that everyone should be able to see this Black superhero on the big screen, especially our impressionable kids.

Fredrick Joseph is making it possible.

The New Yorker started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise enough money for 300 kids from Boys & Girls Club of Harlem to see Black Panther.

Frederick says the movie is a “rare opportunity for young students (primarily of color) to see a black major cinematic and comic book character come to life.”

The marketing consultant told the TODAY show the movie is more than entertainment.

It’s my opinion that inclusion and representation really are fuel for children to dream — not just to dream, but to dream big. It’s important that young people see themselves in roles they couldn’t even imagine… for a little girl to see herself as Wonder Woman, or for a young child of color to see himself as the leader of Wakanda.

Frederick, 28, does not have kids but wants to give back to reinforce that melanin magnificence in young people.

“I knew I wanted to do something so that I can give that opportunity for representation to an underrepresented group.”

Frederick’s Go Fund Me requested $10K and received $39,641. Well done!

But it’s far from over. Frederick is going national–challenging others to follow his lead by using Go Fund Me to raise money for the kids in their community to see the movie.

SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill showed Frederick love on his important mission.

Consider yourselves #BlackPantherChallenged

Ifyoublinked’s Woman Crush | Antibullying Campaign for Dancing Man


Cassandra Fairbanks is my hero. And she will be yours too if you haven’t already heard the SoCal girl’s efforts to get a man’s two step back.

Let’s start at the beginning, the pic you see above was posted on the sketchy online message board 4chan–yes, the same site that leaked celeb’s nudie pics. Of course it wasn’t meant to compliment “dancing man’s” moves, but to humiliate and fat shame him.

Big mistake. Huge.

Cassandra, a writer for “The Free Thought Project,” re-posted the pic on Twitter asking her 30,000 followers to keep their eyes peeled for “dancing man’s” whereabouts. In less than 24 hours the hashtag #FindDancingMan was retweeted over 11,000 times. How is that for power in numbers?

Dancing Man (birth name is Sean) was located not long after. He has yet to speak publicly about being bullied. But, Cassandra is a woman of her word; she continues to raise money–donations are through gofundme–for Dancing Man’s dance party. And Pharrell wants an invite.

So far the anti-bullying campaign has raised $39,664. Whatever money is left over from the party will go towards an anti-bullying awareness org.

Thanks Cassandra and the 2,000 other girls for going above and beyond to be kind to a stranger.