Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank you for all the work and sacrifices you have endured to get us here. But your work is far from over. It’s over turn to pick up the torch you left behind. Our civil rights are still at stake and our lives are in jeopardy. You taught us what we must do and we’ll carry it out in your name. Your spirit will light the way. Your words will be our compass. And our actions will bring us closer to your dream truly being fulfilled. Thank you, Dr. King and Happy 87th Birthday.

Happy Birthday, America


Happy Independence Day, loves!!! I hope you’re fully appreciating this day and its meaning. It holds extra significance for me this year with my brother in the armed forces as well as my cousin. They are both coming home today and I was thinking what better way to salute their sacrifice then to illustrate our gratitude–through song. Check below for an amazing Thank You vid to our Freedom Fighters.



YOU GUYS make it possible for us to have the BBQs, watch the stream of colors in fireworks and feel safe doing it. Thank you for all you do to protect us and our country. Without your sacrifice we wouldn’t be able to reach another birthday. Happy Birthday, America.

Enjoy and God bless.

Happy 19th Birthday Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin (1995-2012) Image Credit: Ebony Magazine

Trayvon Martin (1995-2012)
Image Credit: Ebony Magazine

Today Trayvon would turn 19. It would’ve been his last year as a teenager, but instead he died one. At the risk of perpetuating a cliché, but an apropos one regardless, he will forever be young to us. It will remain a mystery if or when he would’ve shed the hoodie for a suit and tie. If he survived that horrible ordeal, how altered would he be? What would  his ambitions be? We all know those questions will never get answers nor will the ones for Jordan Davis

But that doesn’t mean we have to forget.  I remember not long ago Trayvon Martin remembrances were flooding my Facebook and Instagram news feeds. Now, you’re lucky if you get a blurb in a local newspaper. We are all guilty of a short memory (*hand raised*) and I don’t fault anyone for that. But, my fear is this will be the “new normal,” stand your ground will be the new lynching. And we’ve come to far, our forebears have sacrificed to much for us to journey backward, away from our rights to exist. To wear whatever we want on a drizzly night and feel secure enough in getting home safely. Play music as loud as we want without worrying about getting shot as a result of its volume. Seeking help and shelter with neighbors without fear of being looked at as a threat.

It’s not asking to much. To want to see your brown-skinned child grow up to be an adult. It may be Trayvon’s birthday, but that’s my wish for my unborn child and us all.

UPDATE: Sybrina Fulton posted this custom image up on her Twitter page.