Rapper/Actor Mos Def Raises Awareness for GITMO Prisoners


Stepping into someone’s shoes is a heavy enough burden, but how about their shackles? Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def did just that last month when he demonstrated how a Guantanamo Bay prisoner is force fed in a video circulating around the web. It’s a cringe-worthy experiment (My eyes and ears could only stand to watch 1 or 2 mins of the 4 min video) that highlights an engaging debate about 44 Gitmo detainees that are currently being force fed. Currently there are 106 prisoners on hunger strike at the prison. News of this story has prompted protests, heckling of the presidentand voluntary hunger strikes from supporters.

Now its birthed disturbing images of famed rapper Mos’ head and arms strapped to what resembles a dental chair, while having a small tube shoved up his nostril, until his screams of protest call off the procedure. It was a voluntary act of protest (in partnership with Reprieve UK, a London based human rights organization) against the procedure considered torture, along the lines of waterboarding. Can you see the similarity?

After peeping this video I can understand why.



[SIDENOTE: The Center for Investigative Journalists released a report that revealed over 12,000 prison inmates around California are on hunger strike to protest against solitary confinement.]