IYB Women Crush | Zendaya’s B-Day Wish | Solange’s Brad Pitt Gig


Zendaya turned 19 yesterday. Just let that sink in for a minute. This teenager’s only birthday wish is to find a home for an AIDS ravaged family living in Africa. If that doesn’t earn the singer/actress/social media reader (I mean should I go on?) our woman crush, what will?

Zendaya, the humanitarian, took to Instagram–posting a snap of her with the family of three brothers (their parents died of AIDS) during a UNAIDS visit two months ago–to ask her Zen-DIE-HEARTs aka fans to help move them out a storage container they call home.

I visited where they lived, literally a metal storage container, and heard them speak of the troubles they face like simply getting food. It broke my heart.

To repair it, the “K.C. Undercover” star started a Crowdrise page to pool much-needed donations to support this struggling family. For every $10 donated you get a chance to hop on a video chat with Zendaya. So far $4,194 have been pooled.

Every dollar you donate will go directly to this cause. I can’t do it alone, but I believe that together we can truly change their lives.”

No, seriously how old is this chick? Really…30 somethings aren’t this mature.


Speaking of old souls Solange is definitely one of them. If you stalk follow her Instagram that’s an indisputable fact, so is her love for the Big Easy. So it’s not surprising Solange would headline Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation benefit concert on Saturday to mark the 10 year anniversary of Katrina. The soul singer took to Facebook to express her support of Make It Right, which builds green homes for ‘hoods in need. The Foundation built 150 brand new homes for families affected by Katrina.

I salute them for all the incredible work they’ve done and completely honored and humbled to be apart of this celebration…

Check out a tease of Solange’s performance at the House of Blues.

Looks like Solo slayed the stage. And still reveling in her “magic” based on this tweet.

Good cause, good vibes.

Feel Good Friday | R&B Diva Gives Back in the Big Easy


Kelly Price may be too booked for  R&B Divas: Hollywood but she made time to spoil Big Easy residents this week.

Capitalizing on Essence Fest buzz, the balladeer joined the bishop and first lady of Beacon Light International  Cathedral in Louisiana to lend a helping hand to pamper Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Or hands.

As there are a lot of moving parts to her service oriented mission. Let’s start with the beauty makeovers. Walk-ins were treated to press and curls and faces getting beat by volunteers.

Plates of free food. I mean, need we say more. Well, if you insist…

There was also free health and mental screenings. Even Beacon Light Bishop Darryl Brister took advantage of it by getting his blood pressure checked.Or as Kelly calls it “leading by example.”

All supplies for the Give Back to New Orleans event was donated online and through the church.

Wonder why Lil Mo and Dawn couldn’t make it…

Callin’ Good Samaritans!!! “R&B DIVA” Kelly Price Wants YOU


“R&B Divas: Atlanta” reality star and famed balladeer Kelly Price is making an offer glam squads (hopefully) won’t refuse.

During this year’s ESSENCE Fest, Price wants to serve more than high notes from hit songs “As We Lay” and “Friend of Mine.” The “It’s My Time” singer is teaming up with a “Global Brand” to help round up some deserving ladies from women’s shelters and low income areas in New Orleans to beautify and counsel.

Kelly says she’ll soon announce what well-known brand she’s merging with. My guess is it’ll be an ESSENCE sponsor. My Black is Beautiful? Coca Cola? Don’t laugh, it wouldn’t be the first time. Stay tuned…

The “R&B Diva” wanted to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans by being a blessing to others still, a decade later, trying to pick up the pieces.

“It is my firm belief that as we are blessed we should in turn bless others,” says Kelly.

Yaaaassss Ms. Price, couldn’t have said it better.

To join K.P.’s giving team, which also calls for educators, H.R. reps, social workers, doctors, lawyers, anyone with an open heart send info to GiveBack@KellyPrice.com