Woman Crush Wednesday | Kelly Rowland Plays Big Sis at Boys & Girls Club Atlanta


Just when you think the Godiva Goddess (aka Kelly Rowland) can’t get any sweeter she plays big sis to 30 or 40 kids from Boys & Girls Club Atlanta.

The “Chasing Destiny” star-lite teamed up with allergy reliever Claritin (a staple in my purse this time of year) to host the outdoor event yesterday, according to YBF.


As Claritin’s celeb ambassador she talked to the kids about chasing their dreams and challenging themselves to go above and beyond whatever they choose to pursue. Check out a clip of Kellz motivational message below.


The goal of Kelly’s partnership with Claritin is to help restore various outdoor areas for three Boys and Girls Clubs in communities most in need. Starting with A.T.L’s Westside Boys and Girls Club location—Salvation Army BGCA Bellwood Club.

Before the hammer and power drills come pictures, splits and one-on-one convos with the Grammy award-winning chanteuse, who was all to happy to accommodate her young stans.





Fun was had by all.






Nick Cannon, Neyo and Timbaland Help Boys and Girls Clubs of America Sound the Alarm

photo courtesy: look to the stars

photo courtesy: look to the stars

Boys and Girls Club alumni took over Times Square this past weekend to sound the alarm about the club’s new campaign: Great Futures. It aims to reinforce the idea that “when school’s out, clubs are in.” The day party was hosted by the oldest teenager in the world, sorry Dick Clark, Nick Cannon and Neyo and young club entertainers performed. But music producer Timbaland stole the show by whipping out a $1 million check to the BGCA org through his–and wife Monique Mosley’s–Always Believing Foundation.

Image Courtesy: Look to the stars

Image Courtesy: Look to the stars

The foundation’s goal to encourage youth to be a voice in their community matches BGCA Great Futures campaign to provide a safe and engaging place for kids to be their best selves.

Endorsing that message was Yankess star CC Sabathia, Olympic icon Jackie Joyner-Kersee, singer Estelle and “The Talk’s” Adrienne Bailon who made an appearance with thousands of others at the Crossroads of the world.

The festivities weren’t confined to the big apple, boys and girls clubs across the nation were celebrating the new initiative to emphasis after-school programs.

Virtual celeb supporters included Lebron James, Kelly Rowland, Ashanti and Michael Phelps that took to their social media to show support. Kelly posted this pic on her Facebook page.

Photo Courtesy: Kelly Rowland Facebook

Photo Courtesy: Kelly Rowland Facebook

“When the 3PM school bell rings, 15 million    kids in      America have no place to go. But just    like me, you can  help! Open the door for  America’s Kids…”

Now through Sept. 15, all donations made to Great Futures campaign will be matched dollar for dollar, to donate click here

GOLDEN CAUSES: Halle Berry, Neyo, Kelly Rowland Hit Post-Oscar Parties to Support Charities

Image Credit: Kimberly Reynolds

Image Credit: Kimberly Reynolds

The envelopes have been opened. The congratulatory champagne uncorked and gowns have been celebrated and widely panned. Award season is officially a wrap. Yayyyyy!!! As happy as I am to see its entrance every year, I’m even more ecstatic to see its exit. Despite the Oscar revelry (more so than ever this year) I can’t help but compare it to a circus in town. Instead of lions, tigers and elephants emerging from their cages to entertain, we’ve got celebs climbing out their limos, some more carelessly than other’s (yes, I’m looking at you J Law), to stand under the Big Top  Big Tent to give us a 360° view of their stylists creations. 

Before you label me a cynic or Debbie-the-downer, I must admit I love award season. I live for award season. My mother and I nearly circle the dates on the calendar in anticipation. And this year was no different. We were both certainly apart of the Lupita Nyong’o ever-growing fan club. And I jumped off my couch when she joined the small ranks of Black women clutching lil Oscar (for those counting she makes 8). She is a shining example of class and grace to young girls around the world. I look forward to her next human condition contribution.

We won’t have to wait long for some celeb’s charitable deeds. Elton John’s 22nd Annual Fundraising Oscar viewing party raised $5.1 million dollars towards HIV/AIDS prevention. The cause attracted the likes of Kelly Rowland, Russell Simmons and Mel. B as attendees.

Kelly Rowland Arriving at Elton John AIDS foundation Oscar night. Image Courtesy of: ejaf.org

Kelly Rowland Arriving at Elton John AIDS foundation Oscar night.
Image Courtesy of: ejaf.org

Elton John alongside Russell Simmons at his AIDS Foundation on Oscar night. Image Courtesy: ejaf.org

Elton John alongside Russell Simmons at his AIDS Foundation on Oscar night.
Image Courtesy: ejaf.org

Mel B striking a pose at Elton John's AIDS Foundation party Oscar night. Image Courtesy: DailyMail

Mel B striking a pose at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation party Oscar night.
Image Courtesy: DailyMail

Meanwhile in Beverly Hills, Halle Berry made a rare appearance (where you been hiding, girl?) at the Fame and Philanthropy party that attempted to raise $1 million dollars each to two charities: Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach project that educates African youth on AIDS/HIV and The Community Inspiring Today’s Youth, a LA-based non-profit that guides students on entrepreneurship.

Halle Berry looking super gorg at the Fame & Philanthropy party in Beverly Hills.  Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

Halle Berry looking super gorg at the Fame & Philanthropy party in Beverly Hills.
Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

Neyo cheesin at the Fame & Philanthropy party. Image Credit: Zimbio

Neyo cheesin at the Fame & Philanthropy party.
Image Credit: Zimbio

Neyo performed at the inaugural event and raised awareness for his Compound Foundation.

Fun times, had by all.

Rapper The Game Calls for Gun Violence Ceasefire & Kelly Rowland Volunteers at Salvation Army

Photo Credit: The Game's IG

Photo Credit: The Game’s IG

So, there’s no doubt your Instagram feed is still being taken over by R.I.P posts for Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker. Its been a tragically sad week. But, you might have spotted the post above as well, especially if your following The Game’s IG.

 After hearing about two kids, under age 10, die from street shootings, the rapper decided to raise the white flag on gun violence in Los Angeles this holiday season. 

In the wake of 7 year old Taalib Pecantte ‘s murder along with 6 year old Tiana Ricks & all the other children slain this year due to gang violence in my city & on behalf of @therobinhoodproject we are asking all gangs to  CEASE FIRE IN LOS ANGELES throughout the Christmas holiday season to ensure no more senseless child murders occur & families can enjoy their holiday season in peace.

The rapper urged all his followers to re-post this message and hopefully those responsible for the senseless violence will take heed. If you remember, honestly, how can anyone forget? We are a week away from the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. A day I believe will live in infamy and one that is being repeated over and over again, just in different scenarios, with younger faces and different locations.

So, I salute The Game for continuing his Robin Hood Project initiative as well as being a peacekeeper in his community. And kudos to those passing the torch to their followers like P. Diddy, Khloe Kardashian, Monica, Xzibit, Shannon Brown and Kelly Rowland.

If you want to spread the love nationwide save the image above and post on Instagram using #Ceasefire and your city.


IF U BL==NKED: The Game’s cause wasn’t the only one Ms. Kelly Rowland was getting behind (She’s becoming busier than Queen Bey these days). She’s taking her sassy act to Universal City Walk in Hollywood tomorrow to perform at a free concert for Rock the Red Kettle event that benefits The Salvation Army. Check out the video below to find out how else the newly engaged songstress is helping this historic org.




Kelly Rowland Joins Movement Against Domestic Violence & How to Wear Fearlessness

Kelly Rowland teamed up with photographer to the stars Derek Blanks to create a PSA for Domestic Violence Awareness month of October.

It’s a cause close to home for Kelly after revealing being in an abusive relationship with her former fiancè this summer. Her latest album (Talk a Good Game) aired her “Dirty Laundry”…no, I mean literally that was the name of one of the song’s on her record, which goes into detail of a relationship filled with verbal and physical abuse. Check the song below…

It takes a fearless woman to leave that situation…

…and speaking of being courageous, we found just the right apparel to illustrate that spirit.

L.A. implant Arian Simone created a limitless brand that includes clothing, magazine and a non-profit that specializes in mentoring young kids. Her efforts have garnered the attention of Meagan Good, Tia Mowry and VH1’s “Marrying the Game” star Tiffney Cambridge that’s modeling their Breast Cancer Awareness customized tees.

photo credit: fearlessmovement

photo credit: fearlessmovement

To take it a step farther, the Fearless movement coordinated an A-list dinner with Ms. Cambridge for $300, and the money will go towards Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

To join the movement click here. Offer expires November 1st.

IF YOU BLINKED:  Diana Nyad raised $105 Gs for her 48-hour swim. Now that’s fearless!! Someone get this woman a fearless towel asap.


Kelly Rowland and Monica Promote Domestic Violence Prevention month

Sports Illustrated 2013

Sports Illustrated 2013

If you’re anything like me, your eyes were glued to both the TV screen and newspaper headlines this week for the latest developments in the Oscar Pistorius murder case. It’s still hard to believe that the man shivering and weeping in a small court room in South Africa is the same guy  I was cheering for five months ago at the London Olympics as the first double amputee to compete with able-bodied runners in the 400M race. Despite his last place finish, I admired his courage and stamina for making Olympic history, and living up to the nickname ‘Blade Runner’ with his carbon fiber blades that pierced the track. Fast forward to today where I imagined he would be prepping for his Olympic comeback in 2016, not a court case where he is suspected of premeditated murder charges against his girlfriend.

Nor could I envision the stoic, yet focused CBS 2 anchorman Rob Morrison having a history of domestic violence that dates back to 2003. The New York Daily News reports today that Morrison’s wife made repeated calls to cops to complain about her husband’s drunken abuse that involved choking her until she became unconscious.



And the list goes on and on and on. Yet, the shock and surprise remain the same. Violence against women has always been an issue whispered about with a shake of the head, but never publicly scrutinized or condemned by the media or within the abuser’s community. However, no one could turn a blind eye towards wild child Rihanna’s rekindled romance with former abuser Chris Brown. Rihanna explained her reasoning in Rolling Stone:

I decided it was more important for me to be happy. I wasn’t going to let anybody’s opinion get in the way of that. Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake.

I think everyone gave the pop diva the side eye for that comment. Not just because she chose to go back with her abuser, but, at her naivety to think her actions wouldn”t have ripple affects on the millions of fans that worship her. Which is surprising considering her 2009 interview with Diane Sawyer; Rihanna admitted she couldn’t live with the fact that someone in a similar situation getting killed because they chose to follow her example of reuniting with their abuser.

A mistake that resulted in 1,336 domestic violence deaths in 2010, 82 percent of those deaths were women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Domestic Violence is an ongoing cycle that we hear about nearly, on a daily basis but very few calls for action are being made. The re-authorization of The Violence Against Women Act (landmark legislation that is a buffer against domestic assault) is still locked in limbo waiting for the House’s approval, which was ordinarily supported by both parties in Washington.

House Speaker John Boehner says the House “will act in a timely fashion in some way.”

R & B superstars Monica, Kelly Rowland and rap legend MC Lyte saw the need to get involved and will participate in a PSA that helps young girls coping with abusive relationships. The PSA is part of the Yell Campaign Initiative hosted by Saving Our Daughters. In an MTV interview Kelly said it was important to address this issue head on.

I wanted to use my voice to save young girls. This domestic violence thing has gotten so out of control. As I travel around the world for IHMG (I Heart My Girlfriends, an empowerment group Kelly founded), I meet so many young girls who openly admit to being abused and they are so young…my heart breaks. We have to take a stand against this and let young girls know that this is wrong and try to break some of the silence about domestic violence.

Even Ms. NeNe “I”m Rich, Bitch” Leakes wanted to support the cause by participating in a Celebrity Price is Right Match held this week. Leakes was a victim of domestic violence and is also a supporter of Saving Our Daughters that aims to develop programs that aim to empower women against bullying, date abuse, hate crimes and violence.