How Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Made Tidal Concert Teaching Moment



Hey Fam, how many of you were lucky enough to get the golden ticket to the Tidal X: 1015 concert at Barclays last night?

If so, I’m super jelly you got to be in the same room as Common, Alicia Keys, Tip, Lauryn Hill, Emeli Sande, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj as they performed one hit after another for the benefit concert–all proceeds going towards The Robin Hood Foundation that aims to combat impoverished communities, including education.

As you can see I was catching major FOMO. But I had Alec Baldwin on SNL to give me a laugh, and Instagram posts to keep me in the loop on the most lit moments of the Tidal concert.

For me it was the candid non-PC ones. Let’s call ’em teachable moments from our Queens.

Let’s start with our fave demented Barbie: Nicki Minaj. She stormed on the stage with the illest’tude (Was her ex Safaree backstage?) demanding dudes put their egos in check and appreciate what smart women bring to the table.

“If you a champion female in the mutha fuckin’ building, can’t no weak ass mutha fuckin’ clown ass n****s bring you mutha fuckin’ down. Because you n****s so fuckin’ weak.”

Here’s where the Anaconda rapper’s rant ┬áreally gains steam.

“You dare be intimidated by a bad mutha fuckin’ queen? Get your feelings mutha fuckin’ feelings hurt. It’s mutha fuckin’ ok because Barack needed a Michelle, bitch and Bill needed a mutha fuckin’ Hillary, bitch.

“You betta pray to God you don’t get stuck with a mutha fuckin Melania. You n****s want brainless bitches?” Nicki added.


Yup, she went in.

On another note–after lighting up the stage with her savagery– Beyonce capped off the concert with an impromptu speech about the importance of voting in this joke of a presidential race.


Bey makes a convincing case. After all our folk did die for this right. We must exercise it.

So, guys were you entertained and elevated?



Lauryn Hill Headliner for Human Rights Concert


Singer/rapper L-boogie will be performing at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on February 5th to benefit Amnesty International, an organization monitoring human rights abuses globally.

This concert is keeping with her “homecoming to the stage” performances she booked in November,after being released from federal prison this fall. The naptural singer spent three months in a Connecticut prison for not paying her federal income taxes.

The Human Rights concert aims to use music to light a fire under young potential Nikki Giovanni’s or Amiri Baraka’s (R.I.P) to help defend against human rights abuses.

It’s not surprising Lauryn would get involved considering her charitable history; she created the Refugee Project, a foundation that catered to poverty-stricken kids through an away camp in upstate New York that was shuttered around 2000, when she was in the Fugees, (“fu-gee…la, la…its the way that we rock…when we’re doing our thang…remember that? *sigh* takes me back) in hopes of changing the attitudes of kiddos plagued by violence, drugs and mis-education.

For 25 years (1986-1998) Amnesty held their annual human rights concerts, now their bringing it back. Pre-sale tickets are on sale now. Click here to see who is sharing the stage with Ms. Hill.