Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgivingI couldn’t let the day pass without wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. From the bottom of my heart, I love every person that has come across my blog and follow my progress. I’m thankful for this platform, your interest and more importantly, my family. I’m a lucky girl!! And I’m also grateful to all the caring and empathetic souls that aim to make a difference. Some are highlighted in this blog and to others go unrecognized. I just want to say thank you, God bless you.

Five Ways to Give Thanks to Veterans this Memorial Weekend


This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. Woo hoo!! Everyone break out the freshly bought bikinis and head to the nearest sunny spot on the beach, except for NorthEasterners’¬†who are grabbing sweatshirts and scarfs instead of shorts because it’s fur-reezing in New York. (Thanks, Mr. G). But we don’t need a BBQ grill or a killer one piece swimsuit to acknowledge what this holiday is really about: honoring veterans that gave their lives to protect us. To make it possible for us to bathe in the sun and cook on an open grill. If that doesn’t deserve a big, fat thank you, I don’t know what does. So, here are five ways you can honor fallen veterans this Memorial Weekend:

1. Visit a national cemetery in your area. Plant a flag or drape one over fallen servicemen’s tombstones to acknowledge their sacrifice for our democracy.

2. Attend a Memorial Day Parade. You have the opportunity to give thanks to veterans in person for their service to the country.

3. Volunteer at a Veteran’s Hospital. You can donate time and gratitude to the servicemen who are ill. Showing them you haven’t forgotten what they sacrificed will surely cheer them up.

4. Send a Care Package to a Active Serviceman. Show your appreciation to servicemen currently in the fight by sending tokens of thanks.

5. Send a message of thanks to military families. http://www.whitehouse.gov/joiningforces/message