Beyonce’s #BeyGOOD Campaign Raises £85 for Prince’s Trust in UK

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The Mrs Carter World Tour may be over, but the busiest Bey on the planet is still bringing in the honey money. Beyonce’s BeyGOOD campaign–enforcing kindness and generosity to others–has raised £85,000 (roughly translates to over $142k in US dollars) for the Prince’s Trust with her UK leg of MCWT.

Chief Executive of Prince’s Trust, Martina Milburn couldn’t help but bow down to Beyonce’s influence in helping other.

“Thanks to Beyoncé and the #BeyGOOD campaign, disadvantaged young people across the UK will have the chance of a better future, despite facing challenges such as poverty, homelessness and mental health issues. We cannot thank both Beyoncé and all those who donated enough for their generous support.”

The XO singer urged concertgoers to text donations, make an online donation or at the venue where she was no doubt slaying the stage. The funds will be used to help young people with disadvantaged backgrounds (homelessness, mental issues) find jobs.

The Prince’s Trust was founded in 1976 to reach out to young people (13-to-30-year-olds) struggling with unemployment or school. The program is an attempt by the Prince of Wales to prevent them from falling through the cracks of an economy in which 1 and 5 is out of work.

It’s not to late to make a BeyGOOD contribution, click here for more info.