The Robin Hood Project Comes to Ferguson | Full Audio of Prince’s ‘Baltimore’ Song

Look ma, no hands. The Game and McDonald's workers in Ferguson. Image Courtesy: LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL instagram

Look ma, no hands. The Game and McDonald’s workers in Ferguson.
Image Courtesy: LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL instagram

He’s at it again. But instead of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, The Game is digging into his own pockets to share the wealth.

The Compton rapper has revived his Robin Hood Project; giving away $1 million to random people he’s come in contact with for a year. Recently, the reality star/rapper and his merry men took a  trip to Ferguson, Missouri to pay tribute to Mike Brown. The unarmed college kid that was gunned down by police last year. He met up with Mike Brown’s grandmother and visited the slain teen’s memorial.

Then wrangled up some local kids to take to Mickey D’s. He not only gave out 100 Happy Meals (which came up to $1000, if you’re curious) to kids in the fast food joint and at the drive thru, but he helped in the kitchen.

Kudos to The Game for showing Ferguson some love.

Like Prince did in B’more on Saturday. Guys, he answered the call to sing the song and that he did. Below is the full audio from the “Rally 4 Peace” concert.

“If there ain’t no justice/ There ain’t no peace…” I’m already brainwashed.

Prince was also joined by Doug E. Fresh and Miguel. B’more sounds like the place to be Saturday.

Rapper The Game Launches The Robin Hood Project

Photo Credit: MollyRowlandson

Photo Credit: MollyRowlandson

I love listening to people’s stories about giving others a helping hand. It reminds me of a time, five or six years ago, when I was feeling helpless and frustrated because I couldn’t find a job. I was in Manhattan, coming back from another job interview that I was sure didn’t go well. And as I was entering the train station in Grand Central, I came down this long, very long escalator and at the bottom of the escalator was a homeless man in a wheelchair with two dirty plastic bags tied to the handrails of the chair. As pitiful as I felt in that moment, at the same time seeing him made me thankful, because someone always has it worse. I gave him all the change I had, which was like $3 or $4 dollars. And he was so grateful to just be noticed. To be acknowledged and given some aid. As corny as it may sound…it does make you feel good. That interaction changed my whole mood that day.

Photo Credit: The Game Instagram

Photo Credit: The Game Instagram

So, listening to rapper The Game write about helping a young African boy in Australia was inspirational.

The other day I posted this pic of an African child I met in Australia playing outside the grocery store. His story of his families hardships & struggles to get away from the terror they left behind touched me so I gave him what I had on me… Which was an Australian $20 bill. As the days passed, I thought about him over & over & over & the only thing that bothered me about that night was that I didn’t have more on me to give him at that time.

The Game writes on his Instagram blog that he decided to launch The Robin Hood Project  where he vows to hand out $1 million dollars to people in need before Christmas.

Giving away $1,000,000 of my own $$$ back to the world one person in need at a time….

Photo Credit: The Game Instagram

Photo Credit: The Game Instagram

So far the rapper’s Robin Hood Project tab includes paying for homeless peoples’ meals and giving them $50 to keep. And contributing $10,000 in  funeral costs to a six-year-old girl gunned down with her Daddy in California. Heartbreaking.

This very sad story hit me in a place nothing ever has. The picture above is of 6 year old “Tiana Ricks” who was gunned down in Moreno Valley this past weekend holding onto her fathers leg as men approached & opened fire wounding both Tiana & her father…. Tiana did not know she was shot & kept asking was her father okay until 2 1/2 hours later when lil Tiana was passed away just after midnite on Sunday… I read about this story here in Australia & immediately tracked down her mother & noticed her & the family trying to raise $10,000 for funeral costs…. So I got her on a 3 way with my accountant & now I’m in the process of transferring $10,000 from my account to hers !!!!!

If you would like to nominate someone to be a recipient of The Game’s The Robin Hood Project please tweet @TheRobinHoodProject. will follow The Game’s progress in giving out the blessings.

And Kudos to The Game for making a difference in strangers lives. Good Karma to you, my friend.