WCW | Miss USA Deshauna Barber Takes Part in Girls’ Mentoring Camp


Straighten your crown, girls. I know it’s bound to be crooked with the lack of recognition and value given to you.

Luckily, there is someone to teach you how–Miss USA Deshauna Barber.

The country’s royal highness/ lieutenant in U.S. Army Reserves paid a visit to Steve Harvey’s mentoring camp for girls last weekend in Atlanta.

Deshauna held a panel discussion with Marjorie Harvey (Steve Harvey’s wife) and Brandi Harvey (and daughter.) Followed by a Q &A with some of the 100 teenagers at the camp.

She may have even whipped the youg’uns in shape, during their 5 am wake up workouts. Hoo-rah, indeed.



The Girls Who Rule The World camp was also filled with makeovers, ziplining and rock climbing. All the activities fearless females do.

Check below for Deshauna’s take on what how to be a girl that rules the world.


The GWRW camp was launched–through the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation– “to fostering excellence in youth. Cultivating the next generation of responsible leaders.”

Let’s keep those crowns straight, girls


Man Candy Monday | Steve Harvey and TI Surprise Single Mom


It may have been Steve Harvey’s birthday Friday, but he fulfilled a single mother’s wishes.

The talk show host invited Latasha, a mother of four, to his show. She recounted to Steve Harvey and rapper TI what a bad year she had. For starters, she lost her job as a result of caring for her asthmatic son. Which had a domino effect on her living situation; her house and car were soon repossessed. Forcing Latasha to split up her four kids among family members until she got back on her feet.

Just when Latasha’s luck was starting to change, she’s attacked coming home from work. A two-hour commute on the bus, BTW.

Not one to see his Capricorn sister suffer, Steve Harvey presented her with a $10,000 check from Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card. Still not satisfied that Latasha has to live in a dangerous neighborhood where she’s liable of getting attacked again, he hooked up with Apartments.com to give her a $15,000 check. A full year’s worth of rent for a safer place.

TI came through by getting his friends at Ford to donate a car to Latasha. No more two hour commutes on the bus.

Out of all the surprises Latasha reunited with her four kids is by far the best. Check it out in the clip below, but fair warning it’ll make you look like this.

IYB Women Crush Wednesday | MC Lyte Donates 50K to Aspiring College Student


OG rapper MC Lyte surprised a super fan (if he wasn’t before, certainly is now) with a $50K college scholarship on “The Steve Harvey Show” today.

Why was it during the mustachioed ¬†showman’s hour long chat fest?

Because the lucky recipent of MC Lyte’s philanthropy hails from Harvey’s mentoring camp. Twice blessed!!.

The first female emcee presented 19-year-old Cortney Rhodes with a $50,000 college scholarship, upon hearing his academic sights were set on Dillard University in New Orleans–one of the oldest HBCUs.

Watch here to see Cortney and his mom learn the happy news.

The “Lyte as a Rock” rapper’s donation is through her non profit–Hip Hop Sisters Foundation. The org’s aim is to give scholarship money to worthy students through their #EducateOurMen Intiative.

As the daughter of a school teacher, MC Lyte learned the value of education and its benefits in the long run. Even for a rapper. She shares what her mom made her do.

I was her number one student so at all costs, I was her pupil and I had to write essays for everything I wanted to do including: go to the hip hop club, going to the studio…I became a great essay writer.

I guess so with all those essays. But, it was worth it because not only is she hip hop royalty (bow down, bitches) MC Lyte is our girl crush of the week.