This Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nom was Spotted Feeding Homeless in LA

The jury might be out on whether she’s officially a certified rock legend. (Psst… issa yes, no matter what’s decided) There’s no doubt she is our queen of hearts or wcw for giving back.

Chaka Khan. Yes, hunty The.Chaka. Khan. rolled up her sleeves and got her hands dirty (mostly with mayo and mustard) over the weekend to make sandwiches for Brown Bag Lady; charity that feeds the homeless in LA’s Skid Row neighborhood.

Chaka Khan helped make over 200 brown bag lunches to hand out to homeless on Sunday.

When Chaka Khan wasn’t packing croissant sandwiches, the “Sweet Thing” singer took pics and signed a microphone for her littlest fan.

Brown Bag Lady Founder Jaqueline Norvell couldn’t contain her excitement that a living legend was in her house.

Jaqueline is all of us.

WCW | Rihanna Named Global Ambassador To Foster Education



Hugh Evans, CEO of Global Citizen, with Rihanna and Global Partnership for Education (GPE) chair, Julia Gillard

This may be the cherry on top of Rihanna’s sweet year of accollades.

Someone grab the cake, cake, cake, cake, cake to celebrate. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

The navy’s idol was appointed Global Ambassador through a partnership with her Clara Lionel Foundation and Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

The blending of the two orgs is to advocate for the billions of children across the globe without an education. And the 330 million kids enrolled in a school, but still aren’t learning.

So, how will Rihanna and her crew combat this?

GPE operates in more than 60 developing countries, spreading their message that “every child receive a quality education.” By making children living in poor or ravished communities a priority.

As GPE’s Global Ambassador, Rih Rih will travel the globe to encourage world leaders and policy makers to get behind educating vulnerable children raised in communities in crisis.

The announcement comes on the heels of Rihanna headlining the Global Citizen Festival on Saturday. The festival’s goal is to end extreme poverity by 2030 by getting people to participate in charity acts.

Rihanna is indeed a rare diamond.

Ifyoublinked’s Woman Crush | Antibullying Campaign for Dancing Man


Cassandra Fairbanks is my hero. And she will be yours too if you haven’t already heard the SoCal girl’s efforts to get a man’s two step back.

Let’s start at the beginning, the pic you see above was posted on the sketchy online message board 4chan–yes, the same site that leaked celeb’s nudie pics. Of course it wasn’t meant to compliment “dancing man’s” moves, but to humiliate and fat shame him.

Big mistake. Huge.

Cassandra, a writer for “The Free Thought Project,” re-posted the pic on Twitter asking her 30,000 followers to keep their eyes peeled for “dancing man’s” whereabouts. In less than 24 hours the hashtag #FindDancingMan was retweeted over 11,000 times. How is that for power in numbers?

Dancing Man (birth name is Sean) was located not long after. He has yet to speak publicly about being bullied. But, Cassandra is a woman of her word; she continues to raise money–donations are through gofundme–for Dancing Man’s dance party. And Pharrell wants an invite.

So far the anti-bullying campaign has raised $39,664. Whatever money is left over from the party will go towards an anti-bullying awareness org.

Thanks Cassandra and the 2,000 other girls for going above and beyond to be kind to a stranger.