Black History Month Honorable Gems

It always seems like February aka Black History Month zips past our radar like a biker boy on hot summer night. Sure, there are a variety of events, newspaper series’ and the eye-opening facts that are revealed on this such occasion. Like, did you know that a Black man–George T. Sampson–invented the clothes dryer?…yeah neither did I…look it up if you don’t believe me. And while I appreciate learning more about my culture and our contributions to the American landscape, it would be nice to honor the month in a more original way, other than putting mini series Roots and Alex Haley’s Queen in heavy rotation (I’m looking at you BET). So, color me shocked when I stumbled upon this cute tribute that uses our future leaders to honor our heroes from the past and the present. Maryland-based photographer, Eunique Jones Gibson, unveiled a photo series on her website, that teaches kids about the relevance of this month. Gibson released one photo for each day in February.

When considering Black History month and how much progress Blacks have made to date, I thought about how much opportunity and potential my sons have as a result of the trails that have been blazed by individuals past and present. Because of Them, We Can.

Enjoy the slideshow ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


If you Bl;nked: President Obama debuted a bronze statue of civil rights activist Rosa Parks at the Capitol Building in D. C. yesterday. Parks is the first black woman to be honored with a life size statue. Definitely deserved and I think I speak for everyone when i say it’s about time.

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