Trayvon Martin Verdict Reaction & How Trayvon will be Remembered

I’m in a dark place writing this. Actually, I’m in a very weird space, almost like I’m encased in a dark room where I can’t recognize anything. I’m stumbling trying to find something, anything that looks recognizable, but I’m scared, confused and lost because I don’t know what I’m searching for because it was never found to begin with. These feelings wrapped around me like a blanket this evening when I heard two words leap out the judge’s mouth in the Trayvon Martin case, “not guilty.” Sadly, those were the two words I expected to hear, but hoping I didn’t. Nope, I was wrong again. Just like I was wrong about Sean Bell and too many others. These cases really give me perspective on where minorities stand in this country, and it’s almost like a mind fuck for me when, ironically, today I celebrated my brother’s 23rd birthday. And the Martin family is mourning the injustice of their 17-year-old son’s killer.

I don’t know if the verdict will ever be changed, but I do know that we have a choice never to forget. And there are several ways we won’t. 1) Contribute to The Trayvon Martin Foundation 2) Honor Trayvon’s memory. In that same vein, I want to highlight an anonymous artist who is keeping the Martin family present through artwork.



shepard fairey
shepard fairey

To see all the artwork dedicated to Trayvon Martin visit

Let’s continue to pray for the Martin family.


Artwork for Trayvon

The Trayvon Martin Foundation


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