POTUS Obama & Oprah Winfrey Commemorate MLK’s ‘Dream’ Speech & 3 Ways King’s Dream is Being Fulfilled


50 years. Even writing it looks weird and not in the way you think. From most people’s reactions, 50 years ago today is like a lifetime ago when Martin Luther King Jr. stepped up to that podium at the Lincoln Memorial and shared his dream with the world. For me 50 years seems a lot shorter than I imagine the event taking place. Of course, i wasn’t even born then (guess my  baby face is accurate at times) so what do I know?. But it may stem from the fact that issues of race, class, inequality, lack of jobs discussed in 1963 mirror those of 2013. So, frighteningly so that I managed to dismiss half a century of the hard work Dr. King and a sea of nameless faces, who filled  the National Mall, accomplished for Blacks to progress. Kudos to your blood, sweat and tears, or better yet  grit, perseverance and faith that manifested The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Voting Rights Act. In that spirit I salute those who put in jeopardy their lives for our evolution. And highlight 3  recent national endeavors that help bring us closer to making Dr. King’s Dream a reality:

1. President Barack Obama– I think President Obama’s election may have surpassed even Dr. King’s expectations. I believe  King would be beaming with pride that a black man with the name Barack Hussein Obama is the head of state. Obama’s election also shows that we are inching somewhat closer to getting beyond race when united for a common purpose.

2. Freeze Stop & Frisk– There has never been a more blatant form of racial profiling than New York City’s Stop & Frisk policy. A federal judge recently ruled that New York police officers violated the civil rights of minorities with this tactic. I believe Dr. King would be proud that the federal government has recognized how detrimental this policy is to the minority community.

3. Documenting the Struggle– Movies like “The Butler” and “42” document what our ancestors had to endure to get us where we are now. I believe Dr. King would appreciate those stories being distributed through the mainstream media and being praised.


President Obama and Oprah made powerful speeches to commemorate the occasion and also gave us a history lesson on where we’ve been and hopefully where we need to go. check it inside:

Oprah shares how her 9 year old self begged her mom to go to the 1963 March on Washington. Well, you made it to this one, O.

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