ROUND UP: Best Back-to-School Commercials

I watch enough TV to know a good commercial when I see it.  And, quite honestly, Kmart’s back-to-school commercial featuring a tween rap group Da Rich Kidzz, is not it. Can’t really nail down exactly why I scream out, ” NOT AGAIN?!” while holding down the mute button on my remote when it airs. But these are the questions I ask myself when I’m forced to watch it: Could it be the head banging beat? The annoying rap lyrics? (still can’t get “left right-click” outta my head) or Just the simple fact it’s a back-to-school commercial.

Well, I’ve been out of school for a while, but it doesn’t mean I still don’t have anxiety and post-summer depression when those back-to-school commercials start airing. It’s like the great countdown to when you’re once again in a room full of strangers, facing a blackboard with a unpronounceable name scrolled on it, which happens to be your teacher’s for a whole year. Oh, the horror.

Anxiety, aside. You can’t help but laugh or give a warm-hearted smile when you see some vintage back-to-school commercials that use to hijack my parent’s TV sets, to their great enjoyment and my resentment.

So, in honor of kids return to the classrooms this week I’ve rounded up some of the best back-to-school commercials.

STAPLES– You can’t get more vintage than this. This throwback ad is considered by many to be the best back-to-school commercial of the year!!!

OREO– This commercial warmed my heart because in a climate with cyber bullying and taunting happening so often, it would be nice if it was more common that older kids look out for the young’ uns in school

FOOT LOCKER- It goes without saying that back-to-school gear has to be tight from top to bottom.

OLD NAVY- This one is for my 15-year-old self that was obsessed with the many, MANY love triangles on “Beverly Hills 90210” It’s nice Kelly finally made her choice.

Did I miss any? Let me know what back-to-school ads are your favorites?

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