Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder & Janelle Monae Rock Global Citizen Festival

global citizen

Central Park was turnt up for a good cause last night. Alicia, Stevie and Janelle rocked the stage at the Global Citizen Festival to work towards living in a world without poverty. The festival purposelly coincides with the United Nations General Assembly. With 60,000 on the Great Lawn the crowd swayed to Stevie’s version of “Imagine” with this message: “We must do something about the gun laws in this country.”

Alicia Keys set the stage on fire with her classic hits “You Don’t Know my Name” and “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready).”

She wrote about the meaning of the Global Citizen Festival on her website.

Today is such a powerful day– symbolic of the way we can really do something to make the world closer to the way we want it. So many times it feels like we are stuck and don’t have any control over the world. Poverty is an injustice against our Global family. It denies people the basic right to necessities like food, clean water, health care, an education. I’ve seen it all over the world but up close and personal in Africa with my organization Keep a Child Alive, and also right here in New York City.   No matter where we are, we all face the same struggles.  But we have the power to make the difference!   The power to care about each other! The power within us to make it to our greatest dreams.

And lastly, Janelle hushed the crowd with her melancholy version of “Smile.”


What a magically musical night with a great cause that is completely appropriate for this day and age.

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