MTV Girl Code Comedienne Tanisha Long Advocates for Women’s Rights

Photo Credit: Women Thrive Tumblr
Photo Credit: Women Thrive Tumblr

Tanisha Long stepped up from chattin’ about the ways a gal can soothe a monthly on MTV’s Girl Code to advocating for their safety. The funny girl is hosting a rally to end violence against women tomorrow in Washington D.C.

It’s a free event thrown by Women Thrive Worldwide, a non-profit whose theme is to help women and men have equal opportunities globally. The rally will be held in front of Capitol Hill in support of the International Violence Against Women Act.

Tanisha will also stand beside Haitian activist Guerda Lexima-Constant through the cause, as well as throw a few back at a meet-and-greet following the event.

Those interested in attending the End Violence Against Women rally please click here.

Kudos to Tanisha for taking those Girl Code vows seriously.

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