Cover Songbirds Chloe & Halle Support Children Surviving Cancer Non-profit

If you have yet to be introduced to this sassy duo–Beyonce shouted praise upon last month–look no further than the video below where they recreate Queen Bey’s “Pretty Hurts.”

Now you can see and (more importantly) hear why Chloe and Halle Bailey have over 2 million hits and nearly 300,000 YouTube subscribers. They can sang. And they have been singing Lorde, Beyonce, One Direction, Rihanna…these sisters have pretty much hijacked any Z-100 tune and made it their own, which has Disney crowning these sissy songbirds Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing.

What’s currently on Chloe and Halle’s radar is their support of BrittiCares International, a non-profit that helps kids diagnosed with cancer cope and survive their treatment, which is up for a $5,000 grant from NBA’s Lakers Youth Foundation BrittiCares is one of four finalists that are eligible to not only receive 5Gs, but also two tickets to a future Lakers game where they will receive a ginormous ceremonial check. 

If selected BrittiCares hopes to use the money for kids dream bedroom makeovers for when they return home.

To learn more about the other non-profit organizations in the running and how you can vote for the YOU grant recipient, please click here.

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