Jamie Foxx Joins Trayvon Martin Family in Remembrance Peace Wal


Staying consistent with his support for the Trayvon Martin family, actor/musician Jamie Foxx  joined the Martin family in Miami for a peaceful remembrance march. The remembrance walk was a nod to Trayvon’s memory and also a call for peace on these streets for kids. Check the video below as Foxx urged everyone to come out for peace.

And people surely did, from the looks of the turnout it was a family affair.

Motivational speaker Michael Baisden also made an appearance at the walk where he set up camp with Foxx to broadcast their SIRIUS radio shows.

Baisden is below with Trayvon Martin’s parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin donning “Gone But Not Forgotten”  tees with a hooded Trayvon pic underneath  at the walk.

Image Credit: Baisden IG
Image Credit: Baisden IG

The Martin Family Remembrance weekend will wrap up tomorrow with a dinner fundraiser for the Trayvon Martin Foundation with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Jamie Foxx and Michael Baisden being honored for their support. It’s nice to hear major celebs still backing this family and turning a deaf ear to Zimmerman’s stale attempts at more fame.

For the record, those searching for a DMX-Zimmerman bout for “charity” will be disappointed to hear its been cancelled.

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