The Obama’s Charitable Donations Dipped in 2013

Courtesy: White House
Courtesy: White House

Kiss those W2 and 1040s buh bye. Tax season is officially ova (can I get an amen?). Cue, the long held tradition of snooping through the First Family’s tax forms to dissect their financial standing. And, of course, to see what generosity or stinginess level their on for charitable giving.

To answer the immediate question: the Obamas paid nearly $100,000 in taxes (better them than me.) annnndddd Uncle Sam thanks ya.

Now let’s see who should thank the Obamas for opening their wallets and hearts (awww) to giving. Uh Oh. Okay, from the surface doling out $59,251 to 32 charities is very much worth an applause (clapclapclapclap). Hell, a standing ovation, cause we all know regular folk donate to one, possibly two charities on average. However, wading through the keeping it real waters, pulled in this wave of truth: their charitable giving dipped significantly; in 2012 the first couple donated over $150,000 to charities.

Welp, the takeaway for me is this economy is a helluva nuisance, even for the commander-in-chief. To be fair, income from Obama’s books has declined, so he’s relying solely on his presidency paycheck.

Despite the shortcomings, the family is still lending a helpful hand to worthy orgs. Like The Fisher House Foundation that caters to military families. The First Family donated over $8,000 last year. Also $4,000 went to the Red Cross and $2,000 to One Fund Boston that aids victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Every little bit or every big bit to help those in need.

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