‘Think Like a Man’ Actor Romany Malco Visits Detroit Non-Profit Org

Biggie instructed us to “spread love it’s the Brooklyn way,” and Brooklynite Romany Malco of “Think Like A Man” movies  did just that on a recent visit to Motor city.

Fresh off his “Think Like A Man Too” promo tour, Romany jetted to Detroit for some R&R and embraced an impromptu good works tour of non-profit orgs aimed at teens.

After posting a selfie on Instagram the “Weeds” actor asks followers to send him some local charities he could make surprise visits too.

He narrowed the avalanche of recommendations to three: Wolverine Human Services that offers a safe haven for at risk youth; Boys Hope Girls Hope is a charity that gives teens the guidance they need to independent and Covenant House that supports homeless youth.

photo credit: romany malco twitter
photo credit: romany malco twitter

Romany visited all three non-profit orgs and spoke to teens about his journey and learned theirs. He had this to say about his mentoring sessions:

The kids seemed grateful, open and receptive to my message. I was especially touched and look forward to doing more.

He also urged his followers to donate money or time to all three necessary charities.

Let’s hope other celebs will follow in his generous footsteps…

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