GIRL’S DAY!! Angela Simmons Hosts Girls Empowerment Day for New Jersey Teens

Photo Credit: Angela Simmons Instagram
Photo Credit: Angela Simmons Instagram

No boys allowed!! That was probably the sign hanging from the door at the Boys and Girls Club in Jersey City, NJ earlier this week. Angela Simmons, daughter of Rev Run of Run DMC, hosted her second annual GirlTalk Takeover that invades Jeerzy’s most famous club in America. The socialite and fashion designer created the community initiative, alongside Kerri Levine, a real estate exec, to bombard young girls with positive images and role models.

Angela described the importance of allowing tweens and teens be queens for the day to The Star-Ledger:

Impressionable young girls are not receiving the right messages or being exposed to positive influences, particularly through the media. GIRLTALK #takeover fills this void by creating an entertaining event in a comfortable setting with role models and professionals delivering important messages to encourage the girls’ full potential and help shape them for a healthy and creative future.

The day long events– for gals aged 8 to 16– feature mini makeovers; manis and professional makeup artists to beautify the girls. Followed by tips on rocking the runway for the future models in the house. Next up is health and fitness activities. Somewhere Michelle is giving her thumbs up. And rounding out the empowerment sesh is a lecture about healthy eating by a chef (have no doubt there were snacks of the healthy and no-so-nutritious variety). But nothing tops the dance party that turned into a tutorial for Angela on the latest teen dance moves.

“The Real” host Adrienne Bailon made a surprise guest appearance to give an encouraging talk to the ladies. And couldn’t pass up a group shot with kiddies.


Let’s cross our fingers that Angela will take this project on the road to other towns. It is greatly needed…

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