FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: Target Employees Help NC Teen Land Job


All it took was one click on a camera phone to capture the human spirit. For those still convinced this world is nothing but dog-eat-dog, should glance at the image above.

A 15-year-old North Carolina teen stopped in a nearby Target, just hoping to get a tie for an upcoming job interview.

Yasir Moore got a lot more than he bargained for.

He asked a Target employee if the store had clip-on neckties because he didn’t know how to tie a regular tie.

They couldn’t find any clip-ons, so the Target employee grabbed a co-worker who could teach him. After Yasir bought the tie, they practiced. But not just the windsor knot, he was prepped for his interview.

Target customers could overhear tips like “make sure you look him in the eye” and “give a firm handshake.”

Shopper Audrey Mark took the picture that went viral.

“It was a very quiet, simple moment, but it was very profound-honesty, kindness from strangers-in a Super Target,” Mark told WTVD.”He leaves and all these Target employees are screaming ‘Bye! Good luck! Tell us how it went.”

Thankfully, very well. Yasir got the Chick-Fil-A job this week, reports WTVD.

And he went back to Target to thank his supporters that have now become family.

“They’re like family to me now, because they helped so much,” Yasir tells WTVD.

“They didn’t just change my life, they’re going to help me change other people’s lives.” He adds.

What goes around, comes around. Speaking of karma, did you hear a single-mom from North Carolina (what is in the water there?!) won big playing the Powerball? Very well deserved.

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves XOXO

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