IFYOUBLINKED Woman Crush | Raven-Symone Unmasks African Roots

I tip my hat to Raven-Symone's unique take on her roots. Image Courtesy: Instagram
I tip my hat to Raven-Symone’s unique take on her roots.
Image Courtesy: Instagram

This actress and sometimes singer has brought a whole new meaning to the “That’s So Raven” tagline when she revealed to E! she was “from every continent in Africa except one.” Facepalm!

Okay, even if you mildly paid attention to your fifth grade geography homework you would know that’s impossible because A) Africa is made up of one continent with several countries included, and B) It’s nearly impossible her gene pool would stretch to 54 identified countries and nine territories, not counting the countries that aren’t located on a map.

This isn’t Raven-Symone’s first blunder when it comes to her racial makeup. During a “Where Are They Now” segment with Oprah Winfrey she revealed not identifying as an African American. The once “Cosby Show” darling could only embrace being American because, well, that’s all she knows.

Granted, these ideas may sound ludicrous to some but I admire her for taking a stand. She may not be popular for her stance on race and identity but she stays true to herself. Isn’t that what we want to teach our little girls and boys? To express your opinion even if others don’t get it?

So, yes, her worldview may be eccentric when it comes to reading a map and has questionable taste defending those that are so obviously guilty, but she’s loud and she’s proud with it.

Raven Symone is IFYOUBLINKED”s Woman crush of the week because….APRIL FOOLS!?!


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