IFYouBlinked Woman Crush | Freida Pinto for Nepal Relief


Freida Pinto lands on our #WCW list because she’s the first celeb–and one of color at that–to contribute to Nepal earthquake relief.

The “Slumdog Millionaire” actress has tapped into her Because I’m a Girl ambassador-ship (a non-profit org that empowers impoverished young girls around the globe to better themselves.) by putting her John Hancock on tennis shoes with proceeds going towards survivors of the Nepal earthquake.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (sorry, no pun intended) you’ve had to hear about the massive quake that hit the South Asian country, resulting in over 8,000 deaths. Because Mother Nature is extra cruel these days, another earthquake–measuring at 7.3–hit a few days ago. Killing 120 people and 2,500 were injured.

The earthquake also killed 78 people from India, where Freida hails from, a neighbor of Nepal.

This isn’t the first time Freida has used her star power to raise awareness about social issues. She’s posted several twitter messages about the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign and violence against women in the Middle East.

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