50 Cent, Samuel L. Jackson and Demaris Lewis Pay Tribute to 9/11 Victims


For one day, actors, rappers and models, turned into stockbrokers. And no it has nothing to do with a “Wolf of Wall Street” sequel. But rather 9/11. Rap legend DMC took his mic to the trading floor (how often does that happen?!) to represent the Felix Organization at the annual BGC Charity Day.


Organized by Cantor Fitzgerald–to commemorate their 658 lost employees on 9/11-to distribute all revenue raised today to their Relief Fund and many other global charities. Among them is rapper 50 Cent’s G-Unity Foundation that give grants to non-profits lending a helping hand to low-income communities. That’s worth working the trading floor for.


Samuel L. Jackson got his bid in from London for One For the Boys org that raises money for cancer research. And model Damaris Lewis made the trading floor a runway with her fierce poses, but her best move was supporting the Garden of Dreams Foundation through the BGC Charity Day.


nullGreat way to honor the many lives lost 14 years ago.

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