IYB Woman Crush|Milwaukee’s Grandma


Grandma isn’t usually in the same sentence as superhero. In this case it is.

Because 77-year-old Martha Freeman is just that. The Milwaukee mother of five has all the qualities of a superhero: Looks for danger (check.) Makes every effort to stop it (check.) And saves lives in the process.(cccchhheeeccckk.)

The former corrections officer drives around the gritty streets of Milwaukee squashing any sign of beef between young men and women. Plus she does it in the sweetest way possible, just like a grandma. A name inherited by her community.

“I don’t see them as bad people. I see them as needing people,” Martha tells CBS News.

Just like April Bentley did. She was a prostitute until Martha influenced a life change.

“She said you don’t have to live that life. She planted a seed that no one had planted before.”

Perhaps that’s why no one has reason to uproot her message. Martha tells CBS she has never been threatened with violence or intimidation of any kind in her mission.

“I think it’s the respect, you know? Not the fear. Give you an example: most boys nowadays walk around with their pants half way down. And what I usually say is ‘Hey I like the color of those underwear! And they will pull their pants up.”

In between mentoring them on fashion dos and don’ts. Martha delivers donated bread to the needy.


Brb, gonna update my sheros shrine.

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