Man Candy Monday | Storm Troopers to the Rescue


So you want to get a glimpse at real New York values?

Then look no further than the photos below featuring good samaritans, New York’s finest and even sanitation workers helping us (glutton-for-punishment North Easterners) get through the Blizzard of ’16.

Starting with police officers and city dwellers banding together to push two stuck ambulances; one in Manhattan and the other in Queens Saturday night.

City sanitation wasn’t able to come to the rescue in time, so cue the caring New Yorkers (there are a few still left) putting their backs and knees (Oy!?!) into getting patients safely to the closest hospital.

There is no better neighbor than Tom Truglio. The Upper West Side res used his snow blower to rid his whole block of the white stuff. Annnnd shovelled untouched snow blanketing brownstones on his street. Tom, won’t you please be my neighbor?


Finally, Olaf (the snowman) was spared in Hell’s Kitchen Sunday night. After loud pleas from the neighborhood, the snow plow driver showed his heart wasn’t icy bypassing the snowman and swerving to the right.

The bad news is Frosty may have already melted. Let him go, Hell’s Kitchen…just let him go.

Governor Cuomo wouldn’t let a stranded driver remain helpless without an assist from him personally.


But the real winner of Snowmageddon 2016–reserved for states that have 25 to 30 inches of snow–is Tian Tian. The National Zoo panda looks like he’s doing mini sit ups in the snow.


Can’t handle the cuteness…


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