High School Senior Gives Flowers to Every Girl in School


I have just one question: Where was this Romeo when I was in high school?

Come on, you’re all thinking it.

I may have graduated some odd years ago, but my memory is vivid enough to know how much it sucks to be single in high school on Valentine’s Day.

Yet, not nearly as brutal as watching that one bitch get cards, chocolates and three dozen roses.

Well, Hayden Godfrey,17, made it his mission to change those bittersweet feelings for those about that single life.

ABC News reports the Utah senior gave 800 female classmates flowers for Valentine’s day Thursday, “so every girl could feel joy.” Cue the awwwws.

With the help of volunteers Godfrey handed out carnations to 834 students of Sky View High School.

“I don’t think anything can compare to seeing every girl in your life holding a flower as they walk through the halls,” he wrote on Facebook.

Godfrey saved for a year (working as a McDonalds cook, dishwasher and bagged groceries) to afford the $450 price tag for 900 carnations he got through a wholesale florist.

The romantic received the carnations three weeks in advance so he can prepare them for his Sky View High School Valentines.

Even the school’s principal was in on the grand gesture by giving Godfrey a head count, reports ABC News.


The teen started the ultimate act of chilvary when he was 14. Sending anonymous gifts to friends. Now he’s upping his game big time so everyone can feel the joy of the holiday.

And yes, he’s taken ladies.

His real Valentine– Lilyan Sharp–is getting flowers and concert tickets to see A Great Big World on March 28th. And says her boyfriend’s flower delivery was “very special.”

Lucky girl.



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