Orlando Club Shooting: Is Anywhere Safe?


A church. A movie theater. An elementary school. High schools and colleges. Restaurants and cafes. Now a gay club. Am I missing any? If i am it’ll likely be added to the list, sadly. Because this pattern of destroying each other for whatever reason doesn’t seem to be going away.

Politics aside (Im not in the mood to get into the anti-gun vs. guns dont kill people, people kill people debate.) how are we as a whole expected to live together in peace. Seriously. Any suggestions? How can any of us pump our chest with pride for living in the United States when we are more divided than ever. Ever.

So divided. So at odds with our freedom to live the way we each rightfully should,
our own countrymen are making us extinct.

TBH this problem isnt going to get solved in a hallowed chamber holding our elected officials. We tried that already. Not that we shouldnt keep trying. But we also and most importantly need to figure out what motivates someone–born in this country–to be filled with so much hatred they pick up a war gun and kill 49 total strangers and wound 53.

Why are so many broken people roaming around us? And how are terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qeada the glue holding them together with their doctrine of hate? I know these questions will likely never be answered but in order to diagnose this national illness we need to determine its cause. Luckily we already found the solution for those willing to accept it.



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