Forest Whitaker Launched Education Center for Ugandan Refugees


Let’s raise a glass to Last King of Scotland actor Forest Whitaker for creating an education center for Ugandan refugees.

Whitaker combined his Peace & Development Initiative with Western Union Foundation to contribute $1.24 million, over three years, to ensure refugees have access to life-altering skills.

The Whitaker Peace Initiative learning centers (WPI)—The Youth Peacemaker Network—in Northern Uganda have several programs dedicated to peace building, mediation, life skills, information and communication technologies, entrepreneurship skills for 30 Gulu district men and women, according to Western Union Foundation rep, who blogged about the learning center launch.

The Waiting to Exhale also paid the Kiryandongo refugee settlement camp, with 70,000 refugees fleeing from conflicts in South Sudan, DR Congo and other nearby areas.

“The WU Foundation and WPDI have set up a Community Center and sports field, facilities that will used for training in conflict resolution, ICT business, sports and cultural skills. With the training received, young men and women have set up micro businesses and income generating projects in the area,” WU rep Jean-Claude Farah reports.

Continuing with “another program, called Peace through Sports program trains teams of young girls and boys in football. The teams have already begun to play games and have won competitions.”



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