FGF|SC Elementary Students Sell Paper Hearts for Heart Transplant Classmate|Misty Copeland Pens Book for Young Ballerinas

Happy Feel Good Friday, fam. It’s our favorite part of the week; logging off those zoom meetings and stepping into love’s holiday. In honor of Valentine’s Day weekend, I’m sharing three sweet, like Russell Stover, stories that will make you smile wider than a release date for Bridgerton Season 2. Okay, well, at the very least, give you the warm fuzzies.

SC Elementary Students Sell Hearts to Help Heart Transplant Classmate

Do you have Kleenex nearby? If not, you need to get some. Now. Because if this story doesn’t have you believing in humanity, nothing will. When students at Johnston Elementary learned first grader Lamere Johnson, 7, suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome–which stunts the left side of his heart preventing blood flow–and needs a new heart they got creative.

Makinzie Corley

“We wanted to get our kids involved and, at the same time, give back to Lamere and his family because they’re so precious to us,” Makinzie Corley, pre-k assistant told Upworthy. “As a community and as a school, we want to make sure that this family is prepared for when the doctor calls and says, ‘Hey, we’ve got a heart for him.'”

Good Morning America

Everyday Corley cuts 200 to 400 paper hearts and has fifth graders sell the hearts around the school for $1 each morning. When sold the hearts are hung in the school’s hallways with the purchaser’s name written inside. All proceeds go to Lamere’s ledger at Children’s Organ Transplant Association–where any travel, food and lodging will be covered when he gets a heart. To donate click here.

Let’s pray he gets a Valentine’s miracle.

Gorilla Glue Girl Gets Savior Surgeon

She has been the butt of many a joke for the last two weeks, but gorilla glue girl aka Tessica Brown can finally run her fingers through her hair. Yes, the NOLA native still.has.hair. We owe those saved tresses to Dr. Michael Obeng, who developed a polyurethane adhesive to remove the gorilla glue through surgery. If you were living under a rock, Tessica used gorilla glue on her hair when she ran out of hairspray. It molded Tessica’s hair to her scalp, like a stiff arm cast, for over a month and took to Tik Tok for help. Stick to wigs, sis.

Misty Copeland Pens Book on Pioneer Dancers

Under Armor

Our girl Misty is a trailblazer, in her own right. As the first Black female principal dancer of American Ballet Theatre. Now Misty wants kids to know the dancers that inspired her with her book Black Ballerinas to celebrate “the trailblazing women who made her own success possible by pushing back against repression and racism with their talent and tenacity.”

Misty told People the purpose of the book is to bring awareness to the contributions of Black Ballerinas and give sense of the rich histories of those not documented in history books, yet no less valuable.

“I’m going to share my personal stories, connections to, and experiences with these groundbreaking women. Here are my intimate snapshots of those journeys. I am infinitely grateful for their legacies. This is my bow to them.”

Black Ballerinas will drop on Nov. 2nd.

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