Beyonce and AOC Send Relief to Frozen Texans

Beyonce in her hometown Houston visiting a “hood beauty supply store”

Beyonce, THE h-town queen, wasn’t going to sit on her throne while her hometown turned into a live-action Frozen scene.

BeyGood has teamed up with Adidas to launch Winter Assistance program, it provides up to $1000 to any family or individual effected by “unforseen emergency events.”

Millions of Texans without heat, food, lights, water, and destroyed homes because of winter storm failed leadership and infrastructure, is about as unpredictable as it gets.

So, I’m sure the longhorns are grateful for the funds. As well as food, elder care and housing that Bronx Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is coordinating through Act Blue Charities.

Act Blue Charities is working with 9 local Texas organizations–Feeding Texas, Corazon Ministries, Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley, The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, Central Texas Food Bank, ECHO (Ending Community Homelessness Coalition), Family Eldercare, North Texas Food Bank, and Houston Food Bank–to give direct aid to those most in need. One donation to Act Blue will distribute funds evenly to all 9 orgs.

Within 48 hours, Act Blue Charities has raised $2 million dollars to help Texans thaw out from the ice apocalypse.

While Cancun Cruz is searching for another excuse to flee the border again, AOC is hopping on a plane to Texas today to hand out supplies.

To find a local warming center, food bank or donate to Red Cross or Salvation Army, click here for Texas Tribune’s guide.

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