Boy Grows Out Hair for Nearly Three Years to Donate to Cancer Patient


Long hair…this kid does care!

When (then) 8-year-old Thomas Moore from Maryland found out how brutal cancer is to the body–as explained by his mom Angie Polus after watching  a video of 5-year-old cancer patient Kyssi Andrews, he decided to donate his not quite long enough locks.

“Once I explained that she had cancer, and what cancer was, and how chemo affected the body he immediately decided he wanted to grow his hair long again and give it to Kyssi,” Polus says.


It took Thomas two years to grow out his love locs. Sadly, Kyssi passed away June 2015. Yet, it made Thomas even more determined to grow out his hair to help others.


Thomas’ hair journey from a Luda-style afro, Solange-esque curls circa Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams and over the shoulder was all worth it.

This month, at 10, he was finally able to cut his hair. His aunt tweeted the news, which was retweeted over 61,000 times and liked 121,000 times.

Thomas’ beautiful mane was made into three wigs for sick children, reports Scary Mommy.

As if that’s not a reward in and of its self, NBA player Derek Anderson will present Thomas with his Act of Kindness Award through his foundation Stamina in October.

Thomas told Scary Mommy he’s just happy his hair doesn’t get caught in the bushes when he plays outside.

Fair enough.


Ifyoublinked’s Woman Crush | A DJ Saves Lives, Literally

Quiana Parks doing her thing at DJ For A Cure movement.

Quiana Parks doing her thing at DJ For A Cure movement.

Quiana Parks wanted to do more than make you dance. The go-to DJ for ritzy brands like Puma, Dom Perignon and Tiffany & Co. used her spinning skills to save lives.

She created DJ For A Cure. An informational movement designed to educate those effected by cancer. In addition to passing along some dire statistics (i.e Approximately every 4 minutes one person in the US is diagnosed with blood cancer.) she’s inspiring those battling cancer with art.

This month, the spin master jumped on the ones and twos to host the 2nd annual DJ For A Cure live art and music show. The benefit raised money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Parks, a proud cancer survivor herself, said she aims to “raise awareness to the seriousness of cancer by highlighting the world of popular DJ culture infused with the element of art.”