Ifyoublinked’s Woman Crush | A DJ Saves Lives, Literally

Quiana Parks doing her thing at DJ For A Cure movement.
Quiana Parks doing her thing at DJ For A Cure movement.

Quiana Parks wanted to do more than make you dance. The go-to DJ for ritzy brands like Puma, Dom Perignon and Tiffany & Co. used her spinning skills to save lives.

She created DJ For A Cure. An informational movement designed to educate those effected by cancer. In addition to passing along some dire statistics (i.e Approximately every 4 minutes one person in the US is diagnosed with blood cancer.) she’s inspiring those battling cancer with art.

This month, the spin master jumped on the ones and twos to host the 2nd annual DJ For A Cure live art and music show. The benefit raised money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Parks, a proud cancer survivor herself, said she aims to “raise awareness to the seriousness of cancer by highlighting the world of popular DJ culture infused with the element of art.”

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