Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

There are so many reasons to thank this undeniable trailblazer.

The most important to me is to love one another for who they are and not what you think they may be.

It’s a lesson that couldn’t come at a better time.

Considering there is a racist occupying the White House that continuously spreads messages of hate.

I choose to cling to Dr. King’s message, and I thank him for it because it’s one I can pass on to my unborn children and in turn their children and on and on and on.

Because while everyone else would like to focus on the kids yelling hate speech at their Mexican classmate, it warmed my heart to see other students standing up to them.

Let’s continue to stand up. Let’s continue to resist.

Like Martin showed us.

POTUS Donates Daughters’ White House Swing Set to D.C. Shelter

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama

As if the Obamas haven’t given us enough–like the birth of our fabulously fierce First Lady (Happy Birthday Mrs. O)–the First Family gave us something to remember them by.

And I’m not talking about healthcare or jobs. Although keeping those life-saving policies would be a good look. Thankfully it’s some thing Congress or President Dump Trump can’t overturn.

A swing set.

Not just any swing set. The playground, including swings, slide, climbing wall, binoculars, swing tire and parallel bars, was used by Malia and Sasha during their time in the White House. In 2009, Barack and Michelle surprised the girls with the swing set on White House lawn.

Now lives on the grounds of Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Family Shelter in D.C. where the Obamas donated the swing set earlier this month.


POTUS and FLOTUS paid a visit to the shelter, which assists African-American female-headed families with one or more family member with a mental or physical disability, on MLK day.


They taught the lucky kiddos how to pump.

And even stayed to take part in a Martin Luther King Jr. mural.


Four more years.

Four more years.

For the love of God, four more years.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank you for all the work and sacrifices you have endured to get us here. But your work is far from over. It’s over turn to pick up the torch you left behind. Our civil rights are still at stake and our lives are in jeopardy. You taught us what we must do and we’ll carry it out in your name. Your spirit will light the way. Your words will be our compass. And our actions will bring us closer to your dream truly being fulfilled. Thank you, Dr. King and Happy 87th Birthday.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr., Day

Martin Luther King Jr. and Two of His Children

Dr. King swinging with his kids. Photo Credit: King Family Collection

Happy MLK day, everyone. I know most people think it’s a day off to sleep late (sorry, but I’m so guilty, hence the timing of the post) or catch the Macy’s, Huffman Koos, or whatever sale that’s marketed to the civil rights giant. And frankly, who hasn’t fallen prey to that scheme; a day of rememberance turns into a commercialized shopping spree.

It’s unfortunate that MLK’s day of service isn’t pushed with that same enthusiasm. Maybe, it’s because we forget. Not only what Dr. King has done for the WHOLE human race, but that he was just a man. An extra-ordinary man, but a man nonetheless, who sacrificed his life, sacrificed watching his kids grow, sacrificed his safety for us. All of us. To be one.

Yes, prophet, savior, so many high-esteemed characteristics are tossed at his memory, but the fact remains he was just a man with flesh, blood, feelings like all the rest, which makes his contributions to the world all the more enlightening. If he helped rock the world with the few resources (eloquence, devoted followers and an organized mission) he had at his disposal, imagine what we can do with our generation?

We are all human, but to quote a wise woman, with just as much drive, “our bodies are pathetic compared to what we have inside us.”