Happy Martin Luther King Jr., Day

Martin Luther King Jr. and Two of His Children
Dr. King swinging with his kids. Photo Credit: King Family Collection

Happy MLK day, everyone. I know most people think it’s a day off to sleep late (sorry, but I’m so guilty, hence the timing of the post) or catch the Macy’s, Huffman Koos, or whatever sale that’s marketed to the civil rights giant. And frankly, who hasn’t fallen prey to that scheme; a day of rememberance turns into a commercialized shopping spree.

It’s unfortunate that MLK’s day of service isn’t pushed with that same enthusiasm. Maybe, it’s because we forget. Not only what Dr. King has done for the WHOLE human race, but that he was just a man. An extra-ordinary man, but a man nonetheless, who sacrificed his life, sacrificed watching his kids grow, sacrificed his safety for us. All of us. To be one.

Yes, prophet, savior, so many high-esteemed characteristics are tossed at his memory, but the fact remains he was just a man with flesh, blood, feelings like all the rest, which makes his contributions to the world all the more enlightening. If he helped rock the world with the few resources (eloquence, devoted followers and an organized mission) he had at his disposal, imagine what we can do with our generation?

We are all human, but to quote a wise woman, with just as much drive, “our bodies are pathetic compared to what we have inside us.”

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